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Udaariyaan Written Update Of 24th June 2021 Episode: Fateh Calls Tejo His Inspiration


The latest episode of Udaariyaan starts with Tejo gets elated seeing Fateh knocked out the opponent and emerged as a victor in the ring. Jasmin is going along with Gippy and remembering Fateh. Just then Amrik comes and taunts Tejo about Jasmin. Jasmin there also got the news of Fateh’s victory. Jasmin also gets immensely happy. Amrik provokes Tejo saying that Fateh will never forget Jasmin and leaves. Jasmin comes to know that Tejo encourages Fateh to win the match. Fateh comes to his family Gurpreet and hugs them. Fateh leaves to take a rest. All the family members come home and Dadi starts scolding Tejo. But Khusbeer consoles Tejo.

Udaariyaan Written Update Of 24th June 2021 Episode: Fateh Calls Tejo His Inspiration

Tejo comes to her room and sees Fateh is resting. Tejo goes to him and cares about his wound. Tejo says she is aware that Jasmin’s memory is hunting you that is why you are hurting yourself. Fateh says you are the only reason for my victory. Tejo gets emotional, Fateh says that he isn’t anger just because Jasmin moved on the only thing is that she moves on so quickly and easily. Jasmin there again gets fumed reminiscing the news.

Fateh posts his Trophy pic on Social media along with a caption it is not like the way you think, posting only for his fans. Jasmin checks out the post and posted a picture with Gippy caption she knows you are downhearted. Gurpreet brings a meal for Fateh, she says that she made all dishes of your choice. But Fateh says I won’t be able to eat it right now. Just then Tejo brings soup for Fateh. But Gurpreet says I will feed you by my hand, but Tejo says he can’t eat. Gurpreet understands and leaves from there. Fateh asks Tejo if she eats anything yet, she denies it. Fateh asks Tejo to have some with him. Fateh thanks Tejo and says you are my inspiration for today’s match.

Tejo says Khushbeer is so proud of you, just the Tejo gets her principal’s call. Khusbeer comes home and Tejo says she has brought herbal juice for you. Just then Amrik comes and shows Tejo’s picture, Khsubeer says Fateh will never move on. Amrik says that he told Tejo the same. Khushbeer asks to have some respect for Tejo. Amrik goes from there, he later sees Jasmin is sitting in a cafe. Amrik goes to her and asks what is she doing here. Jamin replies that this is her uncle’s town.

Jasmin later says that she comes here on a date. Amrik asks if she moved on. Jamin replies that Gippy is making all of her dream true. She says he is having a PR in Canada. Amrik says Fateh still misses you. Jasmin says it doesn’t matter now as Tejo is his better half. Amrik says you are the reason behind Fateh’s victory. Tune in to Colors Tv at 7 PM today to watch the episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss Udaariyaan written update.


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