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Udaariyan Today’s Episode Of 3rd July 2021 Written Update: Tejo Confronts Jasmine


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we are going to watch that Tejo asks Fateh to come along with her and Fateh goes to her. Jasmin starts crying seeing Fateh is ignoring her completely. Fateh tells Tejo he is sleeping, Tejo looks at him. But Fateh sits after a while and Tejo also wakes up seeing him. He says he isn’t crying you can see, Tejo apologises to him. They both chuckle and praise God. The next morning Tejo’s mother Satti and Bebe are talking about Gippy and Jasmin alliance. Jasmine overhears the conversation and thinks they took things seriously.

Udaariyan Today's Episode Of 3rd July 2021 Update: Tejo Confronts Jasmine

Jasmin again starts throwing tantrums at everyone and asks why are they talking about Gippy. Satti what you all hear it doesn’t matter to me at all just make the call to Gippy I want to talk to him. Jasmin says Gippy is busy for some time in Patiala. She further says that she will inform him about you want to talk to him. Meanwhile, Mami comes there, Jasmine shocks seeing Mami there. Mami says she has to come to return Jasmine’s luggage. She later informed that Gippy parents are coming to you for Jasmine and Gippy alliance and she will stay here until this alliance gets fixed.

While Rupy and Satti get elated, but Jasmine gets angry and goes to her room. She thinks to flee from here but she drops her plan due to the prestige of her family. She started badmouthing about Mami. Just then she noticed that her veil is torn. At Fateh’s house, Dadiji praises Tejo for sustaining the respect of her family and asks for forgiveness, but Tejo stops him and says that she just wants his blessing. Later, she leaves for the college along with Fateh and sees Jasmine there. Jasmin again tries to talk to Fateh but he again avoids her.

Jasmin is watching everything and goes to her. Tejo asks Jasmine what is thinking of doing, but Jasmine doesn’t reply to her properly and tries to leave. Tejo goes after her and asks you even came to the restaurant if you are following us. Jasmine says it was just a coincidence. Tejo says you knew everything that is why you came there and tried to spoil our night. Tejo further says that Fateh informs me that broke this relation because of your own will and still you are bothering us. Jasmin and Tejo argue with each other and Tejo gives a befitting reply to Jasmine.


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