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UL vs FBG LIVE SCORE Chinese Baseball League 2020 Top Pickups News


So, today it will be Fubon Guardians vs Unity 7-Eleven Lions to lock horns against each other for the upcoming match of the tournament, Chinese professional Baseball League 2020. The Chinese Professional baseball League is the one that was started once the lockdown conditions seemed to get normal. And, now many other cricket tournaments, baseball tournaments, and basketball tournaments are already in the run.

The second baseball tournament that is joining the Chinese Professional Baseball League is the Korean Baseball League. Korean Baseball League has just started. Well! Lets’ come back to the Chinese Professional Baseball League, Fubon Guardians vs Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions. Among both the opponent fellow teams, one of them is ruling over the tournament standings while the other one is at its worst.

UL vs FBG Live

The match UL vs FBG will take place in Taiwan on Thursday, 8th May 2020 at 4:05 PM according to the Indian Standard Time. It will be an interesting match where it will be quite easier for the table-toppers of the Chinese Professional Baseball League to defeat the team that’s nothing for them.

  • League- Chinese Professional Baseball League 2020
  • Match- UL vs FBG
  • Date- Friday, 8th May 2020
  • Time- 4:05 PM IST
  • Venue- Taiwan

Unity 7-Eleven Dream11 Team Squad

Cheng Kai-Wen, Su Chih-Chieh, Lin An-Ko, Chiang Liang-Wei, Tang Chao-Ting, Chen Chieh-Hsien, Lin Ching-Kai, Chen Yung-Chi, Kuo Fu-Lin, Yang Chia-Wei, Pan Chieh-Kai, Teng Chih-Wei, Chiang Chen-Yen, Pan Wei-Lun, Lin Chi-Wei, Chen Yun-Wen, Wang Yu-Pu, Liu Hsuan-Ta, Huang Chun-Yen, Chiu Hao-Chun, Cheng Chun-Jen, Lin Hang, Chen Chung-Yu, Lin Yu-Le

Fubon Guardians Dream11 Team Squad

Kao Kuo-Lin, Chen Pin-Chieh, Lin Che-Hsuan, Hu Chin-Lung, Chang Cheng-Wei, Yu Sen-Hsu, Chen Kai-Lun, Fan Kuo-Chen, Lee Tsung-Hsien, Wang Cheng-Tang, Chiang Chih-Hsien, Lin Yi-Chuan, Lo Kuo-Hua, Lin Chen-Hua, Lin Yi-Hao, Fan Yu-Yu, Tsai Ming-Jin, Wang Wei-Yung, Chiang Kuo-Hao, Bryan Woodall, Henry Sosa, Chen Shih-Peng, Fang Ke-Wei, Lin Yu-Ying, Dai Pei-Feng

Well! Both the teams are lying adjacent to each other with one lying on the 3rd while the other one on the 4th position in the tournament, Chinese Professional Baseball League 2020. Unity President’s winning percentage for today’s match is 0.389 while it’s 0.4 of the opponent team, Fubon Guardians. Fubon Guardians in the last 5 matches of the tournament has won only 2 matches and lost the other 3s. Unity President has won only 1. There are 40% chances of the match to drawn out.



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