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Hello, all the entertainment lovers get ready for another fascinating episode of Palangtod. Well, it seems that Palangtod is unstoppable it is releasing back to backing alluring episodes. Recently, the show Mishti Basu raise the temperature with the previous episode of Palang Tod Freind Request. As of now, one of the most fascinating streaming sites Ullu has released the trailer of Palangtod Kirayedaar on 6 July 2021 and within 6 hours it fetched 148,856 views along with 5.9K videos. Ever since the trailer of the show has been released, it is gathering the attention of the audience. Obtain all the further information regarding Palang Tod Kirayedaar here.

kirayedaar palang tod ullu

According to the latest reports, the episode of the most popular web series is going to be released on 9th July 2021. All the fans are looking forward to the instalment. Well, this time again the web show is coming with an entertaining plot. The 1:41 minutes long trailer focusing on a husband and wife Sapna. They are living happily, Sapna is quite gorgeous and attractive. In between the sister of the man return home after getting divorced from her husband. The man isn’t happy at all with her sister’s decision.

Palang Tod Kirayedaar

Later, in order to increase the income, the man gives his room on rent to Niranjan. He is also young and charming and wants to woo the women. He tries to impress Pooja, but she lashes out on Niranjan and later complains to Sapna about Niranjan. Sapna goes to Niranjan to scold him, but Niranjan traps Sapna in his jargon. He gets close to her and finished up by laying her along in the bed. At the same time, Pooja enters the room and caught Niranjan and Sapna red-handed. Pooja slaps Niranjan and says she brought you here to marry you and you betrayed me.

Now, it would be quite amusing to watch what will happen next, if Pooja will allow their relationship or will disclose everything to Sapna’s husband. Besides, the episode is featuring Pamela Mondal appearing in the leading roles. Pamela saw in Ullu’s another renowned web show Prabha Ki Dairy The Wife. Now, the show is going to enchant everyone with the spell of her beauty. We remind all the fans of the show to seize the entertainment on 9 July on your Ullu screen. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Palang Tod Kirayedaar.


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