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UMY vs HAT Turkish League Match, Dream11 Prediction, Lineups & Best Picks, Umraniyespor vs Hatayspor


Today we are here to talk about the Turkish League which is going to be played between two teams one team is UMY (Umraniyespor) and the second team is HAT (Hatayspor) both teams are going to play this match at the Umraniye Belediyesi Sehir Stadium, in Istanbul, Turkey. This superb match is fully set and it will take place on Tuesday 3 January 2023 at 07:00 pm. Both teams have a large number of fans around the world who are too excited about this match. In this article, we will talk about some more information related to this match so read continue.

UMY vs HAT Turkish League Match Dream11 Prediction Lineups Best Picks Umraniyespor vs Hatayspor play this match Umraniye Belediyesi Sehir Stadium

If we talk about both teams’ previous matches, Hatayspor had played a total of 14 matches in which they faced 4 victories and 7 losses and are currently ranked in the 14th position n the points table of this tournament. On the other hand, Umraniyespor also played a total of 14 matches in which they faced one victory and all other matches were not good for the team. Currently, this team is ranked at the bottom in the points table of this tournament. Both teams had already played three matches head to head before in this tournament in which UMY faced two wins and HAT faced one win. Now both team players will give their best in this tournament and this makes the match more interesting for their fans.

UMY vs HAT Match Details

Match: Umraniyespor and Hatayspor
Tournament: The Turkish League
Date: Tuesday 3 January 2023
Time: 07:30 pm
Venue: Umraniye Belediyesi Sehir Stadium, Istanbul, Turkey

UMY vs HAT Lineups Player

Umraniyespor (UMY) Possible Starting 11

1.Serkan Kirintili, 2. Onur Atasayar, 3. Allyson, 4. Tomislav Glumac, 5. Strahil Popov, 6. Yonathan Del Valle, 7. Durel Avounou, 8. Isaac Sackey, 9. Serkan Goksu, 10. Mehmet Umut-Nayir, 11. Geraldo Hermenegildo

Hatayspor (HAT) Possible Starting 11

1. Erce Kardesler, 2. Sam Adekugbe, 3. Kamil Corekci, 4. Burak Oksuz, 5. Ognjen Vranjes, 6. Rayane Aabid, 7. Ruben Ribeiro, 8. Saba Lobzhanidze, 9. Onur Ergun, 10. Ayoub El Kaabi, 11. Ze Luis

UMY vs HAT Match Prediction

According to the pitch reports that the pitch of the stadium is balanced for both batters as well as bowlers. The weather is also clean and clear and there is no chance of rain on the match day which concludes that this match will be fully enjoyed by the audiences of the stadium. Fans are too excited about this match and they are expecting that both teams will give the best ever gameplay of their previous matches whereas this match will be fully enjoyed by their fans. Stay connected for reading more articles related to the latest news.


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