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University Of Idaho Murder Case: Who Killed Kaylee Goncalves? What Happened To Jack DuCoeur?


An unfortunate incident took place at the University of Idaho in Moscow, Russia. Students from the University got murdered. As per the reports Jack Ducoeur, a student from the university murdered 4 students including his ex-girlfriend. The police are still investigating the case. Everyone is in deep shock after the incident and everyone on the internet is accusing Jack of the murderer. In this article, you will get to know about the University of Idaho Murder Case.

University Of Idaho Murder Case Who Killed Kaylee Goncalves What Happened To Jack DuCoeur

Who Killed Kaylee Goncalves?

According to the reports Jack DuCoeur is suspected as the murderer of the 4 students of the university. The incident took place on 13th November when Kaylee Goncalves, 21, Madison Mogen, 21, Ethan Chapin, 20, and his girlfriend Xana Kernodle, 20, were killed. Goncalves broke up with Jack 3 weeks before the murders after being in a relationship of 5 years. His aunt Brooke Miller admitted that he was upset about the breakup. She talked to New York Post and said his nephew referred to her as “the love of his life” and they both would get married in the future when they were together.

University Of Idaho Murder Case

Goncalves’s family said that they are standing in support of Jack and his aunt also mentioned in a post that his nephew can never do anything like that to anyone. It’s a hard time for the families of the four victims, Jack faces so many problems after the murder as his life is upside down by suspicion. Miller is in charge of a GiveSendGo campaign to collect $20,000 so that the Gonvalves family can hire a private detective and legal team to aid in the case’s investigation. And ask to help the family to find out the criminal.

In a statement to Fox, Kaylee’s mother said, we know that in our heart, mind, and soul that Jack is grieving and we support him, they both had also planned to get married and have kids together. Police were aware of Jack after the killings. Because of the ten calls that Goncalves and madison made to him in the hours of the crime. After the police investigation, he was acquitted but under suspicion. Miller said that half of America is believing that her nephew is the culprit of this crime.

People on social are criticizing him by considering him a murderer. But Goncalves’s family said in the support of Jack that he is not responsible for the death of their daughter. The case is still a mystery, at least for the general public. The police chief said everything we have collected from the calls, we have followed up on, we have cleared, and we believe there is no connection there.” Jack has been exonerated by the police. According to the investigators that the victims were found on the second and third levels of the house.


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