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US Karen’s Diner Restaurants Rude Staff Roasting Customers Goes Viral Video Footage


A video has recently surfaced on social media that shows a restaurant chain under the name “Karen’s Diner” treating its customers rudely. The clip has been circulated all over the internet and had garnered the attention of netizens who are slamming the owners for their rude service towards their customers. The restaurant which was once known for its great burgers is sweeping the attention for its bad service and this is definitely not something that will benefit. Here, in this article below, get complete details about the matter.

US Karen's Diner Restaurants Rude Staff

The restaurant franchise operates locations in the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. The restaurant’s personnel freely communicates with patrons. Ladbible reported that the viral video was shot in an Australian store. An employee is seen bringing three baskets of food, which include burgers, onion rings, and chips, in the 15-second footage. She places the order on the table while giving the customer who is filming her the middle finger.

She then grabs an onion ring, dabs it in the sauce, and enjoys it as she moves on. Lance shared the video on Twitter with the description “touching my food pushing it too far even with the theme.” The TikToker user @larissacai published the video in its original form. This is how our lunch was served to us at Karen’s Diner, according to the caption on the DVD.

The impolite server dumped our onion rings on the table and began eating them after we waited an hour for meals, according to the description. Over 5 million people have watched the video on Twitter, which has elicited a wide range of responses online. “No cause why would you touch someone’s food that’s unsanitary tbh,” a person wrote. “Her pulling food off my plate is not the same as the plating and delivering it to me,” another user remarked.

The third user posted, “Most restaurants don’t even require their staff to wear gloves when preparing your food, buddy. You have Karen’s voice.” It is no doubt to say that the matter has become a topic of discussion among everyone and has been trending online. Several people have already come forward and commented on it already. Needless to say, everyone is stunned to watch as it disrespects the customers that have come to the restaurant to have something good and spend some quality time with their loved ones. Stay connected with Social Telecast and keep getting such kinds of updates and the latest news.


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