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Valentine Week List 2022 7th-14th Feb Days Name/ Date Sheet When Is Rose, Propose, Chocolate, Teddy, Promise, Hug, Kiss Day


Time for the LOVE now, to escalate love, to celebrate love, to live each and every moment and cherish it with lots and lots of love as it’s VALENTINES’. Valentines’ Day is on its way and the lovers are really excited for this week as usual. The excitement and curiosity level is been increasing with every passage day. The Valentines’ Week will be starting on 7th February 2022 and last till 14th February 2022, the week for the lovers, for the couples. This week dedicated to lovers only with a motive to roll out love everywhere.

valentine week List

It’s actually so amazing to move out and see the decorations from the spacious malls to small shops. The color of love in this week rules over every single thing, those beautiful vibes, those lovable feels, everything literally turns to something we can’t off our eyes. We just hope you all have a happy valentine’s week with truckloads of love. Let’s have a look over the Valentines’ Week List

Valentine Week List

  • Rose Day: Friday, 7th February 2022
  • Propose Day: Saturday, 8th February 2022
  • Chocolate Day: Sunday, 9th February 2022
  • Teddy Day: Monday, 10th February 2022
  • Promise Day: Tuesday, 11th February 2022
  • Hug Day: Wednesday, 12th February 2022
  • Kiss Day: Thursday, 13th February 2022
  • Valentines’ Day: Friday, 14th February 2022

Valentines week list

Let’s Begin With The First Day of the Week-

Rose Day: Rose Day is the first day of Valentines’ Week. The lovers express their love exchanging red roses. Red is the color of love. Basically, it’s none other than a preparation for the next day, i.e. the proposal. So, Rose Day is a step down to the propose day. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th February.

Propose Day: The day next step after greeting each other with roses is the proposal. The day all the guys and girls are waiting desperately as everybody is free to propose anybody on this day. Of course, there’s no compulsion to accept it, it’s all about the choice to accept or to deny. But with no hard feelings. Go people and propose the ones you want to and looking for a chance! The propose day is observed on 8th February.

Chocolate Day: Another way to make your love feel special. It’s been observed girls are crazy and fond of chocolates. Girls really feel so special receiving chocolates. Or it wouldn’t be wrong to say in some of the cases, chocolates are a girls’ weakness. Chocolate Day is observed on 9th February.

Teddy Day: The cutest way to impress girls is by gifting them soft toys. There are girls who don’t like this stuff at all but the same way, there are girls who are crazy about the soft toys and their love for the stuff is extreme. Teddy Day is observed next to Chocolate Day, i.e. on 10th February.

Promise Day: The day couples make promises to each other to stay forever. It is advised to keep your promises with all your heart and never leave your partner in the midway. This day is the most important day of Valentines’ Week. Promise Day is observed on 11th February.

Hug Day: The 6th day of Valentines’ Week. A hug is a way to show your love in a most adorable love. Share a hug, shower love! Hug Day is observed on 12th February.

Kiss Day: The day prior to Valentines’ Day is Kiss Day. I would like to share personal advice, kiss your girl on her forehead. A forehead kiss is a symbol of care and true love. Kiss Day is observed on 13th February.

Valentines’ Day: Finally, the most awaited day of the week is here, Valentines’ Day! The entire love week terminates with this day on 14th February. The day to make your girl realize how much you love her, you care for her, what she means to you. After all the 7 days, it’s the day for the guys too when they get their girl to shower love.




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