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Vaughan City Condo Building Shooting: At least 5 Dead and 1 Injured In Toronto


There is a piece of shocking news coming forward from Vaughan city where six people were founded dead in which one of them killed the other five people at a condo complex in Vaughan. This information relates to the scary incident which happened there is announced by the York Regional Police. There are too many users on social asking lots of questions about this terrible incident. Here in this article, we are going to share all information related to this incident full of sorrow about what happened there and why he killed the other people.

Vaughan City Condo Building Shooting At least 5 Dead and 1 Injured In Toronto

Vaughan City Condo Building Shooting

This news is reported by Police that five individuals were killed by one guy at a condo in a Toronto suburb on Sunday night after responding to a call which came at around 7:20 pm from the building on Jane Street, just north of Rutherford Road all this information comes from a press conference at around 11:00 pm by the Cheif MacSween. MacSween said that when the officers arrived there then they met with a horrendous scene where the individuals were diseased there and this scene was too scary which he can’t express in their words. There is no more information discovered from the sources but after getting any information related to this incident we will mention it in our article.

MacSween also states that a seventh person also gets major injuries in this incident but he is immediately rushed to the hospital and there is more chance that his health condition will be good after treatment. The died suspect was killed when an Officer discharge their firearm and that conclusion to his death. Police said that this incident was done Sunday night. Let us discuss this in brief related Manvia Armstrong, a spokeswoman for the York Regional Police in Ontario states that investigators continue on their service and they still searching out how many people had been killed and injured in this shooting incident.

Police opened fire at the suspect and the information about the suspect is not disclosed yet by Police. Police didn’t identify him and they are still collecting more information on this incident but they didn’t reveal more information about this shooting incident. Police will add other information related to this case after their investigation and this news is circulating on the top of the internet. For reading more articles related to the latest news and on other topics then stay connected with our website.


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