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Victoria B. (Zamoida) Trahan, Passes Away at 80 Check Cause Of Death


Though the only truth of this unpredictable life is death, no one wants to let go of their dear ones. Despite all the attachments and love, one has to leave the world sooner or later. One such heartbreaking death news has been coming forward. Victoria B. (Zamoida) Trahan has sadly passed away on Friday. It is very unfortunate to learn the beautiful soul leaving the world. It is been reported that Victoria died on September 3, 2021, and since then, everyone is paying tribute to her and sharing condolence to her family and all the people who knew her.


Talking about Victoria B, she was late Normand J. Trahan’s wife. Her husband had already passed away and now Victoria also joined him in heaven. She was born in Pawtucket to the late John and Bertha (Ewuch) Zamoida. As per reports, she was the youngest child of the family and she worked in Seekonk Public Schools. There, she worked for lunch programs for several years. Later, she retired as head cashier at the same school and left a never-forgettable mark behind. She was loved by her colleagues and the entire staff for her genuine personality.

Sources claim that Victoria B loved to watch British programming while she really enjoyed science fiction (Sci-Fi), Westerns programmes. Besides, she showed a huge interest in doing crossword puzzles. Her hobbies gesture towards the kind of personality she was. Many people are wondering what was the reason behind her death. However, nothing as of now is getting revealed. The only thing we know is that the lady was 80-years-old and her sudden death could have been the result of old-age problems. She might be suffering from a disease or could have just left this world peacefully. As stated, there is no confirmation regarding the same.

It has come forward that Victoria is survived by her son named Sean J. Trahan of Seekonk, a sister, Wanda Zabatta of Lincoln, and a brother, Joseph Zamoida of Tuscon. Undoubtedly, they will truly miss her and her presence around. In this hard time, people are also voluntarily coming ahead to support the family. Along with condolences and RIP messages, people are showing their sorrow by raising funds for the lady. Since Victoria has already turned 80, it was expected that she would pass away sooner or later. Still, it is really saddening to hear about the loss. Our prayers go out with the family and close relatives.


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