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Vijay TV BB Jodigal Today’s Episode 26th June 2021: Ramya Krishnan Gets Angry At Pugazh


The quite enthusiastic dancing show of Star Vijay Television called BB Jodical has begun and weekly bestowing us fantabulous entertainment, through which our stress level of work gets reduce somehow. Because in the show viewers will get the chance to watch the overwhelming dance performances along with the hilarious angle which literally meritorious. Because everyone would love to watch something amazing and real and the show provides them everything, so get to know more what-all are going to happen to check the details below.

Vijay TV BB Jodigal Today's Episode 26-6-2021: Ramya Krishnan Gets Angry At Pugazh

In the upcoming episode of it, you will watch a little shocking twist where the actress Remya Krishnan gets angry, at the statement of Puga. Because sometimes it’s not necessary that everything will be liked by the hudges along with the audience. Therefore her temperature gets high on him and she shouts at him because she does not have any idea that they are just pulling her leg. After a while, he unleashes that it was just for fun and she won’t able to stop laughing.

When her temperature gets high everyone gets tensed because it’s the first time that she shout at someone in this way. But Later, he reveals that it was not a serious matter and she gets normal, and the atmosphere again coverts in normal. So you are going to witness such amazing activities in the show because many enthusiastic twists and turns are ready to spread their magic. So that, you can enjoy the show and can not feel bored while watching.

The exclusive promo of the episode has been released by the makers officially in which you can stream a glance of the episode. Because a promo is enough to suppose about the show, so many effusive activities are waiting for you. Even uncounted fans are eagerly waiting for the telecast so that, they can watch it at the correct time. Even the numerous people have set their time scheduled as per the telecast because at the weekend nothing is better than a reality show for reducing the stress.

The show had to go off-air as per the circumstances and under the guidelines because lockdown was taken the place in the entire state, and hence the makers had to take the decision to stop the shooting. Many people were desperately waiting for the show, but under keeping the entertainment in their ming makers has decided to run all previous episode as #Throw back. But when the situation come under control so they decided to resume the shooting. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us


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