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Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 6th July 2021: Hema Gets To Know Her Mother’s Name


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannamaa begins where Soundarya complains to Venu that everything has been sorted out after facing the worst circumstances, but despite this, Bharathi is not ready to leave his ego. Because he is unable to accept that Hema likes Kannamaa more than him, meanwhile, Venu says that Bharathi does not have any control over his tongue. Soundarya mentions that Hema is glad to see Bharathi’s love in her, but the way he is giving her permission to stay with her mother, that’s not appropriate enough.

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 6th July 2021 Hema Gets To Know Her Mother's Name

Then Venu mentions that only Bharathi knew that Hema addresses Kannamaa as a cooking mom, in short, he is unable to get that Kannamaa is a mother of Hema & Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Soundarya says that one day they will get too familiar with the truth for sure, But Venu unleashes that Bharathi has decided to leave India. Meanwhile, Soundarya says he can not let him go outside of the country no matter what happens. She assures them that she knows all ways to make them stop so there is no need to think more.

After that, Soundarya assigns work to Venu to find the culprit who kidnapped Hema, meanwhile, Bharathi arrives along with her. Spontaneously he says that he wants to take a rest for a while, But Soundarya asks them to sit. Extempore Hema unleashes everything that how Bharathi was feeling hesitated to enter Kannamaa’s house. But she took him inside forcefully but she gets shocked to hear all this. Meanwhile, she informs her that Bharathi thanks her.

Then Lakshmi reaches there and Kannamaa brings food for her but she refuses to eat and says that today she will make the food. Then Kannamaa goes to the kitchen and on the gas stove, meanwhile, she tries to help her. Lakshmi decides to prepare the Dosa and Kannamaa praises her for choosing such a traditional dish. Meanwhile, Lakshmi raises a question that why Hema is addressing her Cooking mom, and meanwhile, she says that she likes Bharathi a lot.

Another side, Anjali is worried about her pregnancy due to pandemics because she can not see to affect her baby. Then Hema writes something on the cushion spontaneously Saoundarya sees and asks what she is doing. Soundarya sees Kannamaa’s name on them and gets shocked and Hema asks her why she is staring at her and suddenly she asks her about her mother’s name, and Hema replies Kannamaa and she gets shocked to hear this. So watch it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.


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