Home Entertainment Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 17th July 2021: Hema’s Health Worsens

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 17th July 2021: Hema’s Health Worsens


The upcoming episode begins where Bharathi is crying on the lap of Soundarya and he goes to see Hema through the mirror door while treatment and gets emotional. Meanwhile, Soundarya says that he can see everything so now he should cancel his decision to take Hema to America. But still, he refuses to agree with her and leaves the place, Bharathi complains that Hema always talks about cooking mom which is inappropriate. Meantime, Soundarya informs him that Kannamaa is a mother of Hema and he gets shocked.

Vijay TV Bharathi Kannamma Written Update 17th July 2021: Hema's Health Worsens

Then Soundarya says as he cares for Hema as a father she also does the same and if Hema addresses her cooking mom so what is wrong with it. Bharathi mentions that he does not like it, Venu interrupts them by saying that he does not like Kannamaa which affected Hema nowadays. Spontaneously Soundarya says that Kannamaa is more rights on Hema than him. So please stop complaining to her because it’s his duty that how he will tell Hema.

After that, Bharathi accuses Kannamaa by saying that she is responsible for Hema’s condition and mentions that she never agrees to behave like her mother. Another side, Tulsi brings coffee to Kannamaa and asks Lakshmi that why she is crying, Lakshmi reveals that Hema is going to America today hence. Kannamaa consoles her and asks her to play with Manju, another side, Vneba reaches there and asks Bharathi what happened, and consoles him that she will normal soon.

After a while, the Doctor comes and informs them that there is no improvement in her health and her health is becoming weak. Bharathi starts crying to hear this but Venba gets happy meanwhile, Soundarya accuses him by saying that he is responsible for her this condition, even the doctor agrees with her. Soundarya says that why he is not understanding and asks him to leave his ego right now because it’s affecting Hema’s health which is inappropriate enough.

Then Doctor asks him to call Hema’s cooking mom here as soon as possible but Venba gets angry to hear this, meanwhile, Anjali and Venu ask them to take Kannamaa here because it’s a matter of Hema’s life. Soundarya says that she can come here to meet Hema because she needs her and being their elder she has all rights to allow Kannamaa. Venu asks him to leave his ego but Venba tries to inflame him by saying that he is recalling his old wounds. So watch it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.


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