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Virat Kohli And Cristiano Ronaldo In Manchester One City Two GOATs Tweet Memes Fans Reaction


England’s city Manchester has been gaining huge attention and has become the subject of discussion too. Well, you must be wondering what has happened all of sudden in the city. Let us tell you that two of the world’s biggest and greatest sporting superstars are currently in Manchester. Yes, we are talking about Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who are gracing the city with their presence at the same time and needless to say that the admirers are going gaga over the pair. Plenty of hashtags have already started trending on Twitter.

Cristiano Ronaldo Virat Kohli Together In Manchester

It’s surely a rare occasion when we see two of the biggest stars from the sports being present in the same city. Here, Ronaldo and Kohli have arrived for their respective sport. Talking about Virat Kohli, he has reached Manchester to lead his team against England in the fifth test match that would also be the last match for India from the coming Saturday at Old Trafford. On another side, Ronaldo is all set for his second debut for the Football club Manchester United.

The team will go against Newcastle in the upcoming match on Saturday at Old Trafford as well. The cricket team, Lancashire Cricket took to their Twitter to share the excitement of two renowned players in the same city simultaneously. They further teased fans asking if they are interested in watching a joint training session that will involve Ronaldo and Kohli. For those unaware, the two grounds are close to one another and the fans are already imagining the loud cheers for the players being heard at the different grounds.

It would definitely be a historical moment when fans will cheer loud for Cristiano Ronaldo and it will be heard on the 2nd day, the 5th test match that will be played between Indian and England. Lancashire Cricket also used the hashtag #Breaktheinternet. Ever since the tweet, the fans are going insane on learning their favourite stars are sharing the same city. Along with hashtags, the netizens are also sharing hilarious memes on social media.

Besides, it is well known, that Virat Kohli had expressed his admiration for star footballer Ronaldo and had stated that his conviction and confidence in the Portugal player is an inspiration to him. Manchester United also responded to the mentioned tweet as they wrote “One city, two GOATs”. Star Sports also joined the fun and wrote: “Two different sports, two unquestionable GOATs”. Well, it would be interesting to see if the players actually end up meeting with one another or not.


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