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Watch Anupamaa Star Plus Written Episode Update 21st November 2020: Anupama Is About To Catch Vanraj In Hotel


Hello, in the latest episode of Anupamaa, we’ll watch that the complete Shah Family leaves for the resort in tempo travel on the invitation of Rakhi. Rakhi is all set to reveal the illegitimate relationship between Kavya and Vanraj. They both are getting prepared for Kavya’s birthday and completely unaware that Vanraj’s entire family is coming to the resort. Baa asks Anupama has informed Vanraj about them going to the resort. Anupama says that she has informed her through message. Baa replies that he will come back whenever he got time. Mamaji informs all that they are 90 kilometers away from Vadodara.anupama latest episode 21-11-2020 HD Images

Bapuji asks Anupama when she has gone out last time, she replies that the went for a relative’s marriage when Pakhi was around 6 or 7 years old. Baa says even then Vanraj didn’t accompany them. Anupama recalls the scenario that took place 8 years ago. She thinks what if Vanraj was along with Kavya for 8 days. After they again started playing Antakshri. Rakhi there is waiting for of all them impatiently as she wants to catch disclose Kavya and Vanraj in front of everyone anyhow.

They all reached to resort and start unloading their luggage, Rakhi welcomes them all. Meanwhile, the resort manager comes and informs that he has arranged tea and snacks for the guests at the poolside. But Anupama and Samar deny going to the poolside because they think that Baa and Bapuji will be uncomfortable. Just then Vanraj got Anupama’s message and calls her and start yelling that he has gone only for two days and you leave for vacation. He further asks about the resort, Anupama is about to reply but she collided with Rakhi and her phone drops down and disconnects.

Everyone is excited by seeing the luxurious items of resorts. Anupama sees the complete room and thinks that she has never stayed in a huge room like this. This is happening for the first with her. She again thinks that a lot of things are happening with her for the first time. Anupama continuously thinking that life is teaching her many new things and she has to learn all of them. Suddenly she hears Vanraj’s voice in the aisle as Vanraj and Kavya going to their room. Anupama comes to check out but no one is there. She recalls the telecaller speaking Gujrati and in doubt rings the bell of Vanraj’s room. Vanraj gets disturbed and going to see who has disturbed them.

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