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Watch Ashuddhi 2 Ullu All Episode Review Star Cast Name & Story Line


Ashuddhi part 2 is a web series and the story revolves around a struggling actor Karan who is stumbling over the enigma of a secret society. The things begin when the landlady vidya and Karan familiarized with a secret society that saying to exercise an uncommon amount of power. The series detects this hazardous secret organization and their belief, hidden agenda, and ultimate goals. This one of the most suspenseful full web-serious and a lot of people like to watch the suspenseful series because it entertains a lot.Ashuddhi Web Series HD images

Ashuddhi Part 2 Episode Review

A story of this web series like Hiten Tejwani enact the role of Karan Naam and he is an aspiring actor who arrives in a city to work to fulfill his dreams. As everyone knows that every web series has a turning point or twist this web series also have that when Karan met an unknown/strange lady in the flat. The trailer video of the Ullu Ashuddhi series features Kavita and Hiten in a bold scene. In short, it is an 18+ Hindi language web series of 2020. Ullu app (original)is known for releasing untold concepts in Indian cinema.

Ashuddhi part 2 web series crew:-

Directed by: Faisal Saif
Produced by: Ullu
Story Written by Faisal Saif
Genre: Fantasy Drama

Ashuddhi 2 Star Cast & Characters

Ashuddhi web series is suspenseful web series itself and the cast of this series is also very interesting like HitenTejwani as Karan, Kavita Radhe Shyam as Vidya, Shiny Dixit as Sweta, Chandana Gowda as Marina. When it comes to the performance of these actors one of the finest actors is HitenTejwani. As everyone knows and he did a lot of serials and people love him a lot and the rest of all actor they are also fabulous actors themself. And this era of digitalization as everyone knows that people like to watch web-series because it’s a fast way to watch any show. And people can watch all the episodes back to back which makes the web series unique.

So whoever is having an interest in the suspenseful web series so go and watch it because these web series can not bore the audience But the people should have a subscription to the Ullu app there you can watch this web series. The subscription is not that costly viewers can purchase it easily and people can watch this type of more web-series and connect with us for more updates.


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