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Watch: Baby Putie Video Viral On Telegram, Twitter And Reddit


Today we are going to share with you the information about the viral video and get everyone’s attention. This video is getting viral and spreading widely like fire on Telegram and Twitter. As you can see that day by day Twitter comes into controversy because of its content and now Telegram also come with that. As many of you are aware or not the latest controversy related to the Baby Putie on the internet?If not so we will try to give you all the information about this viral video.to know more details drag down the page and continue to read.

The viral video is trending all over the world specially in Malaysia and other countries. We are talking about the video which went viral am creates buzz all over the net Baby Putie Pink and the impact of this video on social media platforms is crazy. People scrounging the all web to find out about this video so we will tell you about this video and try to give you all the details about this video.

Watch Baby Putie Video Viral

In this video, we can see a girl who wears the Hijab so you can get that she is a Muslim girl and she wears Hoodie which colors is pink. This video get viral because people see her for the first time maybe and she did not reveal her face until yet.

baby putie telegram video

People can assume that her face was revealed by mistake which is recorded in the camera. But we can say that it is not included in her prank or not. As you can see many prank videos increase day by day and for that people do anything crazily without thinking that this thing can affect other people’s life.

This video trending in Malaysia and all other countries also because people want to curious to know about her that who is she and when she revealed her face. But this video’s Baby Putie Pink Baju title is related to the dress that she wears in the video. Baby Putie is famous on Twitter and Telegram for her videos. In the video, she wears the Hijab on the head which colors is black and she wears a pink hoodie and tries to hide her face with her hands but by mistake, she revealed her face this is because her video went viral but other information is related to her not provided and it can be fake video to tapped people so stay alert of this kind videos. Follow us for more updates with the social telecast.


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