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Watch Bawara Dil Written Update & Episode 14th July 2021: Sidhi asks Shiva to stop Sarkar


In the latest episode of Bawara Dil, we are watching that Shiva arranged a new tutor for Sonal. Sidhi gets elated seeing that Shiva again made it up. Later, Sarkar comes there to create a nuisance at Shiva’s house along with new Sarees and Sweets, but Sidhi confronts him and stands between Sonal and Sarkar. Mangala asks Sidhi to get out of Sarkar’s way, but Sonal holds Sidhi. Meanwhile, Shiva comes there and Mangala asks to tell Sidhi to move away. Sarkar says that he only comes to talk, Sidhi replies he can say Sonal is listening.

Bawara Dil

Sarkar says to Shiva that he comes here just to apologise, Shiva makes a fist in anger. Sidhi holds Sonal’s hands and says there is no need for these gifts here for an apology. Shiva says that they aren’t aware of his arrival. Sidhi asks Sarkar if he forgets the slap, she further asks Kiran to continue teaching Sonal as the drama will continue, but Mangala asks Kiran to leave. Sidhi halts Kiran and sends them to the room for study along with Jalwa. Mangala warns Sidhi if she shouts at Sarkar anymore than, meanwhile Yashwant comes there and asks what if.

Yashwant throws Sarkar out of his house and insults him. Sarkar gets extremely angry and breaks the window of his car. Yashwanth warns Shiva, Mangala comes to her and apologised. Sarka leaves from there angrily. Akka Bai there thinks Shiva supposed to come here to apologise at this time after the conflicts that happened in the press conference. Just then Sarkar comes there and starts provoking Akka Bai against Shiva, along with Sonal’s tutor he also tells her how Yashwant humiliated him. Shiva there comes to Sidhi and asks Sidhi how to pacify his father. Sidhi tells with you can manage to cape him with good intentions.

Sidhi says that she wants to ask something, she asks why you always remain silent in front of Akka Bai and Sarkar. She asks if you are working for her as a slave. Shiva asks her to stop, he sort the things in his own way. Sidhi asks him to take a stand for his family even if there is Akka Bai in front of them. At the same time, Akka Bai calls Shiva and asks him to cover for a couple of words.

Shiva reaches there and shocked seeing Akka Bai in anger and asks what has got into her. Akka Bai tells that you are forgetting me just for your wife. Akka Bai says you supposed to come hereafter press conference but you didn’t come. She fakes tears in front of Shiva. Shiva consoles her and tells her we better forget the past and focus on the upcoming election. Bai smirks and leaves, Shiva recalls Sidhi’s words. Never miss any Bawara Dil Written Update, stay connected with Social Telecast.



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