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Watch Bharathi Kannamaa 30th June 2021 Written Episode: Hema Gets Admitted In ICU


The recent episode of Bharthi Kannamaa begins where Kannamaa makes Hema admits to the Hospital and the staff shifts her to the ICU ward, meanwhile, Doctor makes her understand that there is no need to think more. Then sends Kannamaa for applying for the medicines on her injuries at the same time, doctors start Hema’s treatment. Spontaneously Kannamaa arrives again and shares her trauma with Shanmugan. Then she interrogates the Driver that what she was doing in the car, he replies that maybe someone made her sit there.

Watch Bharathi Kannamaa 30th June 2021 Written Episode: Hema Gets Admitted In ICU

Then Shanmugan says that it’s better that she hides in the car for making herself save from the hands of goons. But Kannamaa has a complaint against Bharathi that he filed the complaint against her for Hema’s Kidnapping. Then Kannamaa informs Soundarya that she found Hema, and due to some injuries doctors are treating her. Then Shanmugan says that if she asks for Hema’s health to the hospital staff, so they will not reply to her again and again.

After that, Shanmugan complains against Bharathi that he accused Lakshmi’s pregnancy ad addressed her character less which was inappropriate enough. Then Soundarya reaches there along with Venu and says asks about Hema, Kannamaa tells her everything. But after seeing Hema she starts crying, meanwhile, Shanmugan asks them to informs everyone about Hema’s condition. Meanwhile, Soundarya makes a call to Bharathi to inform him about Hema.

Then a nurse comes to them and informs them that now Hema is out of danger and she will get her senses back soon, and then they can meet her. Spontaneously Shanmugan informs them that when he got her in Car, she lost her heartbeat which was shocking for them. Meanwhile, Venu asks Kannamaa to elaborate on the entire incident that how she found Hema. Then She elaborates that when she was roaming on the road to find her, she got a sound and she followed the car.

After hearing this, Soundarya gets shocked and wonders that how much Hema tolerated the pain, meanwhile, Hema describes the character of goons and if she fails to save her at that time. So they would have been kidnapped her and therefore Sounddarya thanks to Kannamaa, at the same time, Bharathi comes there and claps. Then he starts criticizing Kannamaa by saying that she is a master in acting and Venba also supports him. So do not forget to watch it at the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.


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