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Watch Bharathi Kannamma 21st June 2021 Written Episode: Kannamma Kidnaps Hema?


The coming episode of Bharathy Kannamaa begins where Soundarya complains to Vent because still, Hema did not reach home meanwhile, Venu says to Bharathy that there is no need to worry more they will reach soon, spontaneously she mentions that Hema is suffering from the fever so first, he would have dropped her here. Then she urges him to make a call to them, but their number keeps on engaging, but she says he should keep trying to make them a call. Then Venu gets angry and says that he has done this deliberately.

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Then Venu gets to know that he did not reach the hospital at the right time by the staff, even still, his number is coming to engage. Meanwhile, Venu advises Soundarya to calm herself and assures her that she will come home for sure. Another side, Anjali and Akhil both are waiting outside and meanwhile, he says that she should take checkups by the hospital because there are most laudable doctors. Then she informs him that in the hospital only Venba is a female doctor and she should not take any precautions to her.

After that, Anjali tells to a doctor that she is having pain in her chest, and she prescribes her that she needs to take tests. Then she checks her properly and informs that over morrow her reports will come her so she can fetch them from her. Anjali notices Akhil that he is upset with something but meanwhile, he also notices her and pretends happiness so that, she had not to think more because stress is not good for her and the baby. Soundarya is worrying about them and make and make a call to them and asks about their location.

Then Anjali makes an excuse that everything is fine with her so there is no need to think more, after a while, Bharathy also reaches home and informs Soundarya that someone kidnapped Hema. Then he says that he knew who can do this kind of crime, and hence, he filed a complaint against Kannamaa in the nearby police station. Then he unleashes that Kannamma argued with him in the passport office, Soundarya asks him that what is the reason behind the argument, and Venu rebukes her to lose Hema.

Then Soundarya retaliates with them against the complaint of Kannamaa but Bharathy is sticking to her decision and assures them that he kidnapped Hema for sure. On the other hand, Akhil also argues with Kannamaa, Bharathy is set to fight with Akhil to mention her as sister-in-law. Soundarya passes a remark that they can not take care of Hema but when it comes to fighting then they always ready. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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