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Watch Bigg Boss 15 Today Episode 10th November 2021: Afsana Khan Loses Her Temper


Hey peers, the quite meritorious and sensation TV reality show Bigg Boss 15 has completed 5 weeks equally well, and as soon as the time is passing the show is catching the heat as well. Because several statements are taking place among the housemates that set the fire, something similar is going to happen in the 10th November 2021 episode. As all enthusiastic twists and turns ready to make the admirers surprised, recently we became the witness of VIP zone task, where all housemates have tried to convince Umar to bring them in the VIP zone, get to know more check the details below.

Watch Bigg Boss 15 Today Episode 10th November 2021: Afsana Khan Loses Her Temper

The upcoming episode begins where Afsana Khan gets out of control as her anger gets heavy on her sagaciousness, she says to Umar and Karan that she was targeted by her own team members who were playing with her. They will try to console her by saying that if she wants to say something so she should talk to that person with whom she has an issue regarding loyalty. But she refuses to talk and creates a scene while, saying that she will never let them go no matter what happens, and in the end, they need to ask Bigg Boss for calling her in the confession room.


  • Afsana Khan gets out of control in anger
  • Afsana Accuses all those who played with her in team
  • Umar Riaz and Karan Kundra come to make her console.

Later, Karan Kundra confesses his feelings towards Tejasswi Prakash that he feels for her and knows that she also has feelings, but does not know the reason for hiding. Even Tejasswi says that hence, he was trying to tell her something and she blushes as well. Their bond seems quite amazing on the screen as well, because the way they behave with each other is quite incredible. Even Tejasswi also reveals her feelings for him by saying that she wanted to tell him this also.

Previously, the viewers became the witness of the VIP zone task under which selected contestants will directly become the contender of the BB15 trophy, and only Umar Riaz has the right to choose the contestant. But he did not select anyone by saying that no one deserves to be the part of contenders of the BB15 trophy. Hence he did not select, anyone because of which, no one entered the VIP zone, so watch it on colors at 10:30 PM and for more details stay connected with us.


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