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Watch Bigg Boss BB Jodigal 29th August 2021 Full Today’s Episode: Retro Round & Elimination Highlights


The quite anticipated Tv reality show of Star Vijay Television called BB Jodigal is becoming the most-watched show week by week because of its interesting format. This is the reason behind its popularity, numerous people love to watch the show because it does not have any script that indicates purity. So now the fresh episodes are arriving with a full-on bang so just be ready to watch it at the correct schedule. Because all enthusiastic twists and turns are taking place through the coming episode, Get to know more check the details below along with the eliminations updates.

Watch Bigg Boss BB Jodigal 29th August 2021 Full Today's Episode: Retro Round & Elimination Highlights

The upcoming episode will begin where you will stream the outstanding performances of the contestants because #Retra Round is going to start. Under which, all contestants have to perform on the retro song, so they are ready to set the stage on fire through their electrifying performance. All contestants need to follow some rules such as they will have to perform together, and both will have to collaborate with each other because anyone’s flaw can overturn the performance totally. So this twist is creating havoc among the fans because each mistake will take them from the sky to the surface.

The makers have been shared exclusive promos where you can get a glimpse of the Retro Round because the makers have set the stage, as per the requirement of the task. But it seems quite overwhelming because everyone would like to watch something incredible and therefore the show is bringing all effusive twists. Because weekly it bestows us such an amazing entertainment level and makes our weekend, so as similar as again coming to take place. So we know that the viewers are eagerly waiting for the telecast but it will take place on your screen at the correct schedule.

Ever since, the promo took place everyone gets curious to watch it because Retro Round is a matter of attraction, which everyone would like to watch. Another reason is that she is quite popular on the south side and uncounted fans love to watch it so that they can make their weekend amazing. Therefore no one wants to miss even a single episode of it because weekly it comes with different twists and turns. Hence, the show is highest-rated and has a place in the top TRP rating list. So do not miss watching it at the correct time and for more updates connect with us.


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