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Watch Choti Sardarni Written Episode 20th July 2021: Meher Sees Saloni Hugs Sarabjeet


In the latest episode of Choti Sardarrni, we are watching that Meher check about Saloni on the internet. She finds her on Sarabjeet’s friend list, she even comes to know that Saloni is divorced. Sarabjeet there goes to meet the lawyer along with Saloni. Sarabjeet asks the lawyer to keep the court proceeding on the fast track. The lawyer gets agreed and says he will take care of all this, but make sure don’t reveal anything to anyone and takes their passport. Meher there is still stalking Saloni and finds her comment on Sarabjeet’s posted image.

Choti Sardarni

Saloni and Sarabjeet eat together, Meher calls Sarabjeet and asks where is he, Sarabjeet tells Meher that he is in an important meeting. But at the same time, Saloni asks Sarabjeet for sauce and Meher hears her. Meher asks if he is along with someone, Sarabjeet says he will call her after a while. Sarabjeet gets a lawyer’s call and tells him that he will take care of the documents. Saloni then asks about Meher, she asks if Meher doubts you for me. Just then they leave the place, Saloni is holding Sarab’s hand. Param is going from there noticed Sarabjeet and Saloni.

Harleen returns home, Meher comes to her and asks about Sarabjeet. Harleen says Sarabjeet wasn’t in the office today. Just then Param also comes home and says that he saw Sarabjeet along with a lady. Harleen tries to think about the girl, meanwhile, Param says that she was also holding Sarabjeet’s hand. Meher confirms Saloni by showing her picture to Param and asks if she is along with your father. Param confirms that the same girl is with Sarabjeet. Meher gets stunned. Later Tai ji comes to Meher and asks Meher to take come action about that.

Sarabjeet returns home and at the same time, Saloni calls him and asks about him. She says she is waiting for him. Sarabjeet sees Meher and goes somewhere else and thinks that she will find out what is being cooked behind her. Meher thinks to follow Sarabjeet, he goes to Saloni’s house. Meher somehow enters her house and sees Saloni hugs Sarabjeet and Meher is shocked to see them. Meher sobs seeing them. Meher then rings and confronts Saloni and says how it feels like calling her young days’ crush at your place. Sarabjeet tries to make Meher understand but she didn’t listen to him and alleged Saloni. Get the complete Chotti Sardarrni Written Episode Update at Social Telecast.


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