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Watch Dance Deewane 3 (DD3) Today’s 18th July 2021 Elimination Episode: Rekha Shares Stage With Piyush


Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, ‘Rekha Utsav’ in Dance Deewane is still charming the show. As we all saw Rekhaji in the previous episode of the wonderful dance show. Well, the veteran actress is still going to grace the upcoming episode along with her mesmerising presence. One of the immense versatile and adorable actresses of Bollywood Rekhaji again cast the spell of beauty and charm and enchant everyone. She even flames the stage with her spectacular moves on one of her iconic songs Salam-E-Ishq from the movie Muqaddar Ka Sikandar.

Check Dance Deewane 3 (DD3) Today's 18th July 2021 Elimination Episode: Rekha Shares Stage With Piyush

All the judges and participants go bananas and bow down in front of the actress on stage. Along with the sensational dance performance, Rekhaji also recreates one of the most popular scenes of one of her films Silsila along with Madhuri Dixit. Silsila is a cult-classic romantic drama released back in 1981. It was the last movie to feature Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha together. Well, in the scene Madhuri is portraying the role of Jaya whereas Rekha is playing herself.


The scene is where Shobha(Jaya) asks Chandni(Rekha) to leave Amit(Amitabh Bachchan) but Rekha denies it by calling him her destiny in the movie. Well, everyone was just simply amazed by the outstanding performance of both the actress. Well, along with that Rekha encourages all the contestants by performing with them on the stage. One of the strongest contestants of the show Piyus gets a golden chance to dance along with Rekha.

The contestant takes complete advantage of it and gives a thriving performance. All the contestants cheering and whistling for them throughout the complete performance. Later, Aman and Yogesh give an electrifying performance, the energetic moves get them a high round of applause. Their top-notch performance is dedicated to Rekhaji. She praised the performance along with all the judges. Aman and Yogesh performed Rekhaji’s hit song ‘Rafta Rafta’ featuring the He-Man of Bollywood Dharmendra and Rakhiji in the lead.

The performers also take a selfie with the actress at the end of their performance. Later, all the contestants come on the stage and impress all the judges and try to step further in the competition. Well, this will be another highly amusing episode of the show. For all the unversed, now, you can enjoy the show at the new timings. It will now air at 8 PM Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Dance Deewane Season 3.


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