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Watch Ishk Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Update: Sonu’s Secret Get Disclosed 23rd June 2021 Episode


In the forthcoming episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahi is going, to begin with, Ahaan asks if Ishqi will continue with her dominating behaviour after marriage. Ahaan. Ishqi starts blushing, Ahaan asks why are you blushing. Ishqi says she is quite shy. But Ahaan says it is quite difficult to believe. Ishqi cracks a joke Ahaan smiles. Ahaan says he is amazed that our marriage is happening in real. Ahaan and Ishqi are about to kiss but at the same time, Kartik comes there. Kartik apologises to them for ruining their moment and says you both can continue. Ishqi flees from there shying.

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Kartik teases Ahaan and says there are only a few days left for his marriage, you should have some patience. Ahaan asks him to keep quiet. Later, Ishqi goes for the Haldi ceremony. Ishqi sees Riya and thanks to her, but Riya replies to thank her after her marriage. Meanwhile, the inspector comes to negotiate with Ishqi, he asks Ishqi if she has filed a case against Mayank wherein you are alleging him for attacking her. Inspector continues to say you also reported that Mayank molested Sonu. Sarla stunned hearing, Sonu also hears the Inspector’s words and starts sobbing.

Sarla asks Sonu if the Inspector is telling the truth. Dadi says he must be mistaken. But Raj comes in supports of Sonu and asks Sarla to listen to him first. But Sarla leaves the venue angrily. Raj goes after her, while Ishqi is worrying about what Ahaan will think of her now. Dadi inwardly thinks she isn’t expecting this from Riya as she brought Sonu in between all this. Dadi drags Riya aside and scolds her to pull Sonu in between all this. But Riya tries to convince Dadi that it is the only way to break their marriage. Dadi prays for Sonu.

Sarla is arguing with Raj as he hides such big things from her. Sarla says Sonu has enchanted you. Sonu overhears that Sarla is shouting at him. Sarla says Sonu is a stigma on the prestige of this house. Sonu breaks out of tears and Ahaan comes in between. He consoles Sonu, she asks why did Ishqi do this to her. Just then Dadi and Riya come to add fuel to the fire. Ishqi comes there and says she didn’t do this, Kartik asks then who will be behind all this. Sarla is creating a nuisance in the ceremony and calls Sonu’s family deceitful. Ishqi goes to Sarla and argues making her understand right and wrong. The episode ends, bookmark Social Telecast for more Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update.



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