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Watch Ishq Par Zor Nahin (IPZN) Written Episode: Ishqi Shuts Dadi


In the latest episode of Ishk Par Zor Nahin, Savitri is still in dilemma and asks Ishqi how can be possible that Ahaan accepts her again. Ishqi then replies when the clouds of hate get cleared from his mind he will come to you for sure. Suraj says Ahaan is quite lucky that Ahaan has got a lovely wife like you. Savitri says the entire family is blessed to have a daughter in law like you. Savitri says but we have kept all the things undercover from Dadi, otherwise, it would be a great problem for us. Savitri asks you won’t let Dadi come between Ahaan and your relationship.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

Dadi again creates a nuisance behind Ishqi and says the girl always roam outside and never inform any of us. She asks Ahaan that she is your wife you have to keep her under your thumb. Meanwhile, Ishqi enters there and Dadi starts lashing out at Ishqi. She asked where you have been to even without informing us. Ahaan tries to save and says that she informed me but I forgot to tell you. Dadi says you are lying just because of saving her. Dadi again badmouths Ishqi and Ishqi mistakenly says that she goes after her.

Dadi gets shocked, but, somehow Ishqi handles the things and Chachi also get to agree with Ishqi. Ishqi says it is usual in such old age. Meantime, Dadi says finish this topic right away. Sonu there hears that Sarla is badmouthing about Savitri and get into an argument with Raj. He says if you keep all this continue then he will leave this house along with Sonu. Sarla sobs hearing Raj’s words. Sonu meets her in the middle and apologises to him. She says you are quarrelling with your mother just because of me. She says she is extremely sorry as she doubts you.

The next morning, Ishqi is serving breakfast to everyone and informs Dadi that she received an envelope for Ahaan. Dadi asks Ishqi to open it, but Ishqi says she better asks Ahaan first. Just then Ahaan comes there, he opens it and finds some papers in it. Ahaan gets surprised to see the paper. Chacha asks him what happened, he says it is a 6-month bond according to which he has to work along with Savitri’s company. Ahaan gets furious and says a piece of paper can’t compel him to go beyond his conscience. Ishqi tries to make Ahaan understand while Dadi is bemused. The episode ends, get the complete Ishk Par Zor Nahin Written Update here at Social Telecast.


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