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WATCH: Kanpur Woman Rams Her Car into Parked Scooters and Bikes, Video Viral


An unexpected event happened in Kanpur where a female driver ran into her car on parked scooters and Bikes. This news and video viral on social media platforms and all the news channels. This news is gaining so much attention from the people. People are curious to know full information about this incident. People continuously follow the news update to know all the details related to this case. Come let’s find out what happened. What is the entire matter? We will try to provide you with information about this so kindly drag down the page and continue to read.

Kanpur woman rams her car into parked

A woman run her car into on parked scooter and Bikes. This incident was captured in video. In this video, we can see a female driver back her car into a parked motorcyclist and cause the damage. This incident happened in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. This video went viral on social media and people gave many reactions and opinions on this incident. People are curious to know what actions were taken against the female driver and what happened after this incident. Through the sources, we get to know that woman learning to drive.

Kanpur Woman Rams Her Car into Parked Scooters and Bikes

According to the Knapur Police, Bike and a scooter were standing on one side of the road at Gumti no. 5. A  woman who was learning to drive crossed the car and as this, she reversed the car and her car caught speed and that is why the car jumped on the bike and scooter but the girl remains seated in the car. People create confusion after this incident. The woman was not injured in this incident but there was an argument between bystanders who want recompense and the woman driver after this woman reported this incident to the police station in Fazalanganj where a woman was fined 2500 charges for careless driving. After this, no further actions were taken because two-party made an agreement.

Safety is one of the most essential factors that one should look at while driving a vehicle. When it comes to driving a vehicle, one could either be a good driver or someone who can’t drive. There is no in-between status for a driver. Nowadays it’s becoming more and more common for road accidents to take up the headline space in a daily newspaper. You should pay full attention while driving a vehicle and completely avoid any distractions. Please follow the safety tips and rules to prevent accidents. Follow us for more updates and news and stay tuned with social telecast.


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