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Watch Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 31st August 2021 Episode: Abhi Gets Shattered


The latest written episode of 31st August 2021 of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi. He is in disbelief after he learns that Pragya has agreed to buy him. He doesn’t believe that the girl he had married had turned into this emotionless person who doesn’t even value her own Kumkum. Abhi tries to remind Pragya about their old moments where they used to respect each other and valued their relationship but Pragya has decided to accept Tanu’s offer and now is willing to buy him. Abhi gets sad and regrets thinking Pragya still feels for him.

Kumkum Bhagya

For those unaware, Sushma had suggested Pragya and Abhi’s contract marriage that will last 6 months. Earlier was against the contract and the deal entirely but ever since she met Prachi, she has made up her mind to buy Abhi and take proper care of him. Here, Abhi has gotten fully instigated by Tanu’s words who had told him about Pragya planning his accident previously. All Abhi wanted was to live a peaceful and happy life with his wife but has gotten shocked seeing the changed behaviour of Pragya who is eager to buy Tanu’s Kumkum.

Abhi doesn’t know what will happen in the upcoming days. Abhi accuses Pragya of being so emotionless and for playing with his emotions. He thinks that Pragya’ previous values have gotten vanished and she is the woman with different thoughts. Abhi recalls the time when Pragya used to value relationships but now she seems to forget it all. Taking everything into consideration, Abhi decides to sign the contract papers. Though, he doesn’t have any option as well.

Tanu brings the papers and asks Abhi to sign them as soon as possible. Both Pragya and Abhi sit to sign the 6 monthly contract papers while Tanu feels delighted. However, Pragya breaks down into tears after hearing Abhi’s accusations. The duo signs the papers making Tanu and Aaliya happy. Here, Rhea still thinks of Prachi as her enemy. She accidentally hears Pallavi and Prachi’s conversation. Pallavi gives the responsibility of Janmasthami’s preparations to Prachi and asks her to show her results as she doesn’t want it to get messed up.

Prachi assures her that she will take care of it. Rhea fumes in anger and plans to bring Prachi down in the eyes of Pallavi yet again. On another side, Pragya pays the money to Tanu. Abhi gets offended and asks her if it’s his price. Tanu says that she has just paid 6 months’ rent and that she will take him back after the given time. Pragya feels sad seeing Abhi getting shattered.


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