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Watch Kundali Bhagya Today’s Written Update Episode 10th Dec 2022: Arjun Threatens Rishab


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun warns Rishab. He tells him that it is enough and adds that because of his destiny, he is saved every time but it will not happen anymore. He tells him that he has to pay for his doings. Rishab does not understand what is going on and asks him if he is out of his mind. He tells Arjun that he should not even think of harming Preeta or anyone for that matter. Find out what happens further in the story in the article below.

Kundali Bhagya

In the next scene, Anjali calls Arjun inside. On another side, Preeta also leaves with Rishab. However, before leaving, Arjun tells Rishab that he is going to change everything in the next 7 days and that he should be prepared. He warns him that he will marry Preeta and will change their relationship forever. Rishab gets angry at him and grabs him by his collar. Arjun smirks and says that he is determined to snatch everything Rishab loves. Here, Mahesh compares Arjun with a fireball. He asks Rakhi how can she still like him after knowing about his behavior.

Rakhi tells Mahesh that it is not like that as she not only loves him but also scolds him like a mother. In another scene, Preeta asks Rishab to relax and tells him that he should not lose his mind over Arjun’s threats. She adds that it is waste of time to make him understand anything and calls him a mad and idiotic person. However, Arjun seems to be determined to marry Preeta. Later, Ganesh opens the door when Preeta walks inside the house. Rishab looks around for his mother but could not find her. He asks about her.

Rishab sees Preeta walking away. He looks at her and thinks about Arjun’s threat that how he challenged him to marry Preeta. In the next scene, Anjali asks Dadi to take some rest. She then recalls how Arjun said that everything will be changed in the upcoming days and gets worried. Anjali goes to Arjun, who is sleeping, and wakes him up. She asks him why did he talk about Karan in front of Rishab but instead of replying to her, he falls asleep again. This makes Anjali furious. She brings a jug filled with water and throws it on him. Get further details of Kundali Bhagya on Social Telecast.


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