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Watch Live: Splitsvilla X3/13 Latest Episode 3rd July 2021: No Eliminations Will Take Place This Week


The quite sensational dating reality show Spiltsvilla season X3 is ready to bang on your Television screen along with the 18th episode of it, which is bringing the most enthusiastic twists and turns, with dome session as well. The show is becoming a subject of discussion among all die-hard fans of it because all contestants are liberating laudable entertainment to us. So you will watch an incredible and effusive task through the upcoming episode under which, all contestants will be spotted. So get to know further check the details below.

splitsvilla x3 3rd july 2021

The upcoming 18th episode will begin with an enthusiastic task between the contestants, which clearly means that no contestant will be a dump in this dome session. But the next task will decide who will go back home, in short, the task seems interesting enough. Because all contestants are ready to prove themselves best than another contestant because it’s a right chance to show their capability. So you can suppose how would the task be amazing, so just gearing up yourself to catch it.

Under the task, all contestants will be divided into two teams where, Avantika, Cat Kristian, Sapna, and Nikita will be spotted in one team, and their rival teams will include Bhoomika, Aarushi, Palak, and Aditi. When it comes to boys steams so Trevon, Jai Dhudhani, Shivan, and Nikhil will compete against the opposite team of Kevin, Garry, Dhruv, and Samarthya. The makers are organizing this fantabulous task under keeping the entertainment of the audience in their mind.

The host Ranvijay will put one ball between the ground and both teams have to goal for their team, and which team will score more than the opposition that team will make the task on their name as winners. Even Ranvijay Singh has clearly mentioned that they will play the task as a whole team, and as per the sources there are wide chances of Gary Lu, Avanytika, and Samarthya to enter the danger zone. As everyone knows that Gary and Avantika are about to enter Wild Villa and they revealed it on Instagram Live.

Splitsvilla X3 Ideal Matches

  • Kevin and Kat
  • Jay and Aditi

As everyone has watched that Samarthya and Avantika won the Golden opportunity task, and got the chance to go in front of Oracle to figure out that they are an ideal match or not. But they are not an ideal match, so therefore the ideal matches got the power to eliminate a contestant. Jay and Aditi got the power of dumping someone, so do not miss streaming it at the correct time on MTV and VOOT. and for further details connect with us.

A very joyful task took the place inside the villa last weekend where Silver Babe Avantika and Arushi, were facing complications and difficulties without connection. Meanwhile, Avantika decided to make a connection with Samarthya, while Aarusho made a connection with Trevon, and went to play the task. The task was filled with all enthusiastic and physical obstacles course, but girls and their partners have done whatever it takes to make their journey a bit safe.

Although, Nikita was worried that a new bond might not start between Avantika and her lover, Samarthya. In the last week, all viewers became the witness of a second ideal match of the season, even  Jay and Aditi deserved to be an Ideal Match and Oracle agreed as well. Hitherto more than 5 contestants have been eliminated from the Splitsvilla X3, However, contestant Samruddhi also eliminated last week, as a consequence she entered Wild Villa as a wild card entry. Every week the viewers are becoming a witness to such incredible twists which make them astonished.


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