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Watch: Massive Fire Breaks Out at Delhi’s PVC Market Video Goes Viral on Internet


A Huge Fire broke out at the famous PVC Market in Tikri Kalan, Delhi on Saturday.No losses and fatalities was reported. As you can see that after this incident people are terrified and scared. A massive fire explodes at the PVC Market why this fire broke out what is the cause and what happened there what people said about this accident if any person was injured or dead or had any losses? we will tell you all the related details and information about this incident please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Massive fire at Delhi's PVC Market

According to Chief Officer SK Dua, They received information about the fire that a massive fire explode out and spread quickly due to the wind. After this information, 26 fire tenders reached the spot where the fire started. The fire covered the area and erect in dense smoke was visible from far away kilometers from the spot. Through the sources, we get this happened in the early morning of Sunday and many videos of this incident got viral. In you can see a fire exploded in the Tikri Kalan area in Plastic Godowns. and 25 fire tenders were reached at the same time.No casualties reported so far.

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Delhi’s PVC Market

The fire blaze and gets more flames this was recorded in the video. This incident was captured on the camera where huge flames were visible from kilometers away. As for now, no casualties have been reported. According to initials now the situation is under control. There is no information about any fatalities, casualties, and injured persons. The fire was under control and the cooling operation was commenced. A police investigation is continuing on this case if they found other things related to this incident. As we can hope only hope that all people will be alright.


what is the reason for this fire accident and what caused this fire getting spread quickly no one saw it. It is uncertain if someone hand behind this or if this is the only accident that happened ownself. The reason behind this accident is still unclear and yet to be discovered. A major fire burst out at PVC Market in Delhiā€™s Tikri Kalan on Saturday. Nearly 25 fire tenders were immediately rushed to the spot to drench the fire. No one harms of now, and no dead or injured persons have been reported. If any updates we get related to this we will give them to you. please stay tuned with us.




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