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Watch Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali Today’s Episode 21st June 2021: Written Update


The latest episode begins with, Pallavi asking Sunny that why they are just roaming around and round instead of looking for Raghav. Sunny replies that he is not in Hyderabad, she says Oh! did he leave any love letter for you before going, Sunny asks her, why she always looks for the reason so that she can argue with him? Raghav gets a call from Farhad. Raghav goes to Farhad’s house to meet. He shows Sunny in his house, after seeing him there both of them Raghav and Pallavi get shocked.

mehndi hai rachne wali

Raghav looks angrily towards Sunny, Sunny says that he wants to talk to him and meet his sister. Raghav tells him that he said him to leave, Sunny replies that he did not listen to his father who is he to say this. Kirti and Jaya come there and Kirti sees him in tears, Kirti goes to hug him suddenly Raghav stops her. Kirti is about to leave but Jaya stops her not to leave. Raghav says that he won’t bear a single step towards Kirti. Sunny asks why did the deal breaker. Kirti there asks what deal you guys are talking about. Raghav tells that Sunny found about us and then he thought that he can buy me but your love gave me the strength to face everything and I’m here without being sold in 5 crores.

Raghav looks at him and raises his hand to slap, Kirti stops him saying don’t even dare to do. She walks towards sunny and holds his hand. Sunny says to him that you can’t buy our love and kill the feeling inner us, he says that he loves her, Kirti says, do I… Jaya says her to think once again. She says that she loves Sunny and trusts him, Sunny says that he will come soon to take her and at that time please don’t even dare to stop me, Sunny Leaves.

Kirti gets angry with Raghav saying that he is not her brother anymore because he is the one who killed his own father just for money, Pallavi leaves him angrily. Raghav tries to stop her saying, Please listen to me, I did this to save you, Pallavi says how can you be so senseless, you could talk to me before doing this, but you think that money is everything that can solve every problem, we could bring some more plans to handle this but no you are thinking that you are the only to have a brain. Well, talking to you is just a waste of time because you won’t understand. The episode ends here to stay tuned to read more latest episodes.


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