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Watch Molkki Written Episode 23rd June 2021: Sakshi Evokes Vipul’s Feelings


The all-new episode of Molkki begins with Purvi appreciated Virender for the arrangements. Purvi says that she never thinks that we will separate from each other. Virender says he just want to spend the rest of the time along with her. Virender says you can take me wrong but he wants to live all the moments with her till they apart. He asks Virender to stop thinking about everyone and teach him how to live with you. Purvi says our separation is determined, so it would be better to focus on today.


Just then Sakshi returns along with Vipul, he goes to finish his work. Sakshi asks about Virender to one of her servants. She replies that Virender is getting prepared for the outing. Sakshi gets bemused hearing about the outing. Meanwhile, Anjali comes and tells Sakshi that she saw Virender heading to the jungle along with Purvi. Sakshi also about to leave for Jungle, but Anjali asks where is she going. Sakshi says she recalls some urgent work and leaves. Anjali grins.

Purvi and Virender are spending some quality and sweet time with each other. They both are unaware about Sakshi is looking for them. Sakshi comes to the point where Purvi and Virender are sitting. She stunned to see Virender and Purvi together. She recalls Purvi was pleading with her to allow her to meet Virender for once. Sakshi fumes seeing Purvi and Virender feeding each other. Sakshi gets aghast and angrily goes to Vipul. She directly asks Vipul if he still has feelings for Purvi. Vipul gets surprised hearing Sakshi’s words. Sakshi says Priyu has informed me everything about your past. She asks if you marry Purvi. Vipul accepts that he feels for Purvi but marriage is impossible due to Molkki. But Sakshi assures that it isn’t a big deal. Sakshi confides in Vipul about Purvi and Virender’s divorce.

Vipul comes to Purvi and offers her tea and asks about her divorce. Purvi shocked to hear this and asks how did he come to know about divorce. Vipul starts bad mouth Virender but Purvi stops him. He warns him not to say another ill word about Virender. She says that Mukhi is always beside me. The divorce decided mutually for a well future for everyone. Tune in to Colors at 10 PM today to watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Molkki written update.


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