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Watch: Naagin 6 Today’s Episode 7th Jan 2023 Written Update Pratha Gets Alive Again


Hello, all the Naagin 6 enthusiasts, finally the weekend is here with the exclusive updates of your favorite and highly anticipated TV drama, which almost everyone was impatiently waiting for. The Saturday, 07th January 2022 episode is bringing high voltage drama as Prathna is trying to reach her plans but Mehak and Seema are not letting her plans succeed while Prathna is quite clear about her motto, and thus she is having the help of Raghubeer because he is currently playing the role of an ace of space in all these. As he will help her out in all such matters and Seema will come under his control too.

naagin 6 7th jan 2023

But, everything has overturned to such an extent because before Prathna and Raghubeer, Seema and Mehak completed their pending works while killing all those who were close to Prathna and they buried them as well along with Pratha. Because she was the one who was remaining the thorn in their path and thus, initially they made her lifeless and threw her body into the deep forest after stabbing her because she was the only one who knew the address of Naagmani, and therefore after receiving the essential updates they killed all of them in the worst manner so that, no one can help Prathna.

Therefore, after losing all hopes Prathna heads to Shiv temple and starts doing “Tandav” while requesting the lord to receive her close ones back as she could not live without them as she is alone thus, she decides to arrange her own funeral in front of Shivlinga, as she inflames the fire while plenty of woods. She asks lord Shiva that if he does not give her close ones back to her so she will get burned in front of him and he will be responsible for all that. Lord Shiva accepts her wishes and sends Pratha back so that, Prathna can not end her life up.

During, her “Tandav” Pratha calls her and hugs her as well and they make sure to kill their enemies while using their wise nature because their all enemies have tied up together as a team and thus, they should not get the smell of her arrival otherwise they will kill them again because currently, they are having everything along with the Naagmani and powers of “SheshNaagin” so therefore, they will have to take their all steps sagaciously. So do not miss watching the show on Colors TV and for more details stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast


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