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Watch: Naagin 6 Today’s Written Update 12th March 2023 Episode Prathna Saves Everyone


Hey, Naagin 6 fans! The weekend is finally here, and so will the new episode of your favorite and eagerly awaited TV drama. The episode airing on March 12, 2023, on Sunday, will have high-voltage drama as well as some mind-blowing activities which will blow your mind for sure. As Prathna is about to enter the darkest phase of her life which is holding multiple mysteries. Even, though she will be attacked by enemies she used to regard to be her family, she has no idea that they will betray her while she is being torn apart from all sides.

Naagin 6

At the same time, Prathna meets the informer who told her that they will need to act fast before it is too late because Prathna has other critical tasks to complete and if he takes more time, it would not be appropriate. In the meantime, Prathna comes to know about the attacks by the person who informed her, lethal wars are going to surround the nation. She asks him to show the things he claimed to have shown because she does not have much time to finish the situation. He responds that he needs to get his laptop and will then display everything while cleaning it up like the mirror.

At the same time, the adversary decides to execute their plans by mentioning that will first surround the place and then carry out their plans in a certain way, informer also says as he shows her the location of old Delhi and warns that these streets will have a terror-filled atmosphere on the occasion of Holi. She will need to eliminate these poisonous Naagins as soon as she can because they are regularly killing innocent people who are not at fault in any of this because they are on the wrong road and have arrived there and killed the people.

Later,  Prathna gets there, she notices a peculiar buzz because several snakes have entered the Holi celebration and are biting people, injuring them while doing so while also leaving a few people dead. She learns the names of individuals responsible for these atrocities, tracks them down, and kills them without delay so that no one else can be harmed. She then immediately departs the scene so that no one can discover the truth because she has finished her job and the police can now finish theirs. So watch it on Colors, and stay tuned to us for more information and do follow Social Telecast.


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