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Watch One Punch Man Chapter 177 Online: Release Date and Time, Preview & More


After chapter 176’s recent release, fans are eagerly awaiting chapter 177 of One Punch Man. Although mangaka Yusuke Murata has been releasing his chapters every two weeks, his update on chapter 176 gives fans a hint as to when they might anticipate the release of the following chapter. Fans saw in the last chapter how Psykos obtained the Third Eye talent and ultimately went evil after seeing into the future. Later in the chapter, as Tatsumaki and Fubuki put on a show for the Tsukuyomi and Hero Association while simultaneously attempting to save Psykos, the story’s focus shifts to the present.

Watch One Punch Man Chapter 177 Online Release Date and Time Preview More

One Punch Man Chapter 177 Online

While Yusuke Murata, the creator of One Punch Man, tweeted about the chapter 176 release date, he also hinted at the chapter 177 release date. He disclosed that One Punch Man chapter 176 would be the final chapter to be published this year. This demonstrates that the upcoming update, chapter 177, can be anticipated to be published the following year. Fans can anticipate One Punch Man chapter 177 to be posted either on January 5 or January 12, 2023, given that Yusuke Murata releases his manga chapters on Thursdays on Tonari no Young Jump.

One Punch Man Chapter 177 Release Date & Time

Depending on when this occurs, the comic will automatically take a small one- to two-week vacation. The conclusion of One Punch Man chapter 176, in which Saitama falls into the hole created in the Special Internment Facility and finds himself within the Demon-Level Monsters Containment Level, will presumably be where One Punch Man Chapter 177 picks up. All of the demon-level enemies that Saitama could have to face in the following chapter are present in this Hero Association.

The Tsukuyomi group’s enigmatic agenda is thought to involve God as their name translates to “Japanese Moon God,” according to the rumor. This suggests that Tsukuyomi was after Psykos to use her Third Eye talent and discover how they would be able to, along with the fact that Psykos had a sight of God through her ability. Additionally, Chapter 176 provided proof that Tatsumaki’s early experiments had been carried out by Tsukuyomi.

It appears that mangaka Yusuke Murata is exploiting this modification in the plot to set up the manga series’ conclusion because the gang wasn’t introduced in the original webcomic by ONE. Therefore, chapter 177 of One Punch Man is likely to feature a number of additional narrative threads. Follow Social Telecast for more updates and the latest news. Stay tuned with us and get all sort of information here.


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