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Watch Paglet (Part 1) Full Episode Review Kooku Web Series 2021 Cast Actress Real Name Bio Age


Kooku is again back with its another web show Paglet, the first part of the show decided to be released on 11th July 2021 on the streaming site. This time again the streaming site comes with an adult show featuring some of the boldest actresses of the entertainment industry in vital roles. However, the streaming often comes along with the same sort of story but still manage to get a good response from the audience. Well, the actress and the steamy sequence are considered as the vital reason behind this response.

Watch Paglet (Part 1) Full Episode Review Kooku Web Series 2021 Cast Actress Real Name Bio Age

The show released its trailer on the various platforms of Social Media including YouTube wherein it raked 72,146 views along with 2K likes. The show is featuring Sonia Singh Rajput and Juhi Chatterji in the leading roles. Both are notable and some of the extremely bold models and actresses of the entertainment industry. The story of the show revolves around a new married couple who decide to live life freely. The man says to his wife Sonia there is no need to perform any sort of formality just be who you really are, but later, Sonia found that her husband is an illegitimate affair with another girl Juhi.

Well, all this supposed to affect Sonia, but it doesn’t change her at all and instead of getting sad she thinks of something quite different. She started getting engaged with other men, but one day her husband catches her red-handed with a boy on the bed. Now, it would be interesting to know what will happen next in the show. In addition to this as far as we concern about Sonia Singh Rajput, she is an actor and model and predominantly works in Bengali, Hindi, and Marathi web shows. She is also known for her bold figure and gorgeous face.

On another hand, Juhi Chatterji is one of the notable Faces of the entertainment industry. She has featured in numerous web shows and short movies. She started gaining ground with her alluring performance in almost all of her shows. Juhi lauded for her performance in Desi Tadka, Trapped, Sarla Bhabhi 5, and much more. In the ongoing year, she cast in Miss Chhaya and now arriving in the exclusive show Paglet. So, all of the keen viewers if you want to see the arousing performance of both the actress get your Kooku subscription now. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Kooku Paglet.


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