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Watch Pandya Store 10th June 2021 Written Episode: Rishita Saves Shiva & Ravi


In today’s Pandya Store, Shiva screams for help and shouts Dev and Krish. After a while, both Dev and Rishita come there to help him. Soon, everyone gathers and tries to pick the heave slabs from them. Shiva looks at Ravi and gets worried. He asks her to open her eyes as everyone is around. Though, Ravi lies in an unconscious manner. Later, Rishita brings water and sprinkles it on Ravi. It helps Ravi to bring back to life. She sees Rishita there and hugs her tightly while crying alongside. Another side, Dev and other people help Shiva to get up from the floor.

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The entire family hug each other and a song plays in the background. After they leave, Suman decides to teach Dhara a lesson. She thinks that Dhara has to pay for her actions. Suman plans to call Dhara’s brother and tell her to bring her sister back as she is creating trouble in the house. Later, Shiva tells everyone that they should head to the temple now but Krish reminds him that no one is there to drop them at this moment. Shiva announces that he will drive the tractor and surprises everyone.

Rishita asks him not to take this step out of hurriedness as he is still injured. Shiva says that he is worried more about Dhara than his health as his mother might treat her badly. Another side, Suman is preparing the rituals of the Pooja. Rishita and other members try to reach the temple as soon as possible before Suman can hurt Dhara. However, Suman orders Dhara to pack her entire stuff and to prepare to levae the house in no time. Upon hearing that, Dhara begins to cry. Suman asks Gautam to quickly call Hardik so that he can come and take his sister along with him.

Meanwhile, the entire family reach there. Suman, Dhara, and Gautam get shocked to see everyone in this condition. Suman worriedly asks them if something happened or if they fought someone. Dev explains that they had gone to fetch water but unfortunately, they got trapped under some rocks present there. Then, Shiva tells everyone that it was Rishita who saved him and others as she managed to reach on time. Gautam gets emotional seeing his brothers like this and thanks to God that everyone is perfectly alright. In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store, everyone will try to stop Suman from removing Dhara from the house.


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