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WATCH Passengers Get Into Ugly Fight at Diva Station in Thane Video Goes Viral on Internet


A new video getting viral and circulated on all social media platforms. In this video, we can see the passengers scuffling and having an ugly fight. A video that has emerged on social media shows passengers engaging in a scuffle. This accident occurred in Thane at Diva Station. Due to the huge crowd, people could not get on board. This video is getting viral more and more that how passengers are frustrated and get take out their frustration on others and get into an ugly fight at Diva station in Thane. Let’s see what happened please scroll down the page and continue to read.

Diva station in Thane

This incident happened on the 3 March, Monday at Diva Station in Thane. The train stopped by the Kajrat bound local stopped as usual at the station but people can’t get on the train they were not able to get on the train because of the immense crowd which led to a tussle and a bad fight to get on train. In this ugly fight, two passengers were kicked out when they were scuffling to get on the train.

Passengers Get Into Ugly Fight at Diva Station in Thane

In the video, we can see that the passenger is waiting the getting on the train for reaching their destination but when they were unable to board the train due to the massive crowd, passengers have a bad fight, and two passengers are also beaten and kicked by them. this video was taken by another passenger who also waiting for getting on the train. The scuffle between passengers gets two passengers assaulted by the other commuters.

Many of the passengers tried to get on the train to see a massive crowd which is why they stood on the Footboard of the train and created a problem for others. People who want to leave the station also could not be left because of this situation. This situation creates tremendous problems for train officers. As you can see people now have no patience even they will not think that they harmed another person. They lost their patience and did not cooperate with the train staff. Please see check all the information about that and confirm that this kind of situation has not been in the places if have please ignore that places. Please be safe and not harm each other and give cooperate with all and please follow the rules. for more updates please stay tuned to this website.


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