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Watch Punyashlok Ahilyabai Latest Episode 2nd July 2021: Khanderao Gives Food To Ahilya


The latest episode of Punyashlok Ahilya Bai begins with, Tukoji asking Khanderao if he has given food to Ahilya. Khanderao tells him that he went to give her food but she has a different mind because she denied eating. Tukoji says that you will be a good husband in the future as your exam for this has been started by the circumstances. He says that he will get a good deed to be a better husband, Khanderao replies that he does not need any good deeds. Tukoji smiles and says him to go and sleep.

Punyashlok AhilyaBai 2nd july episode

Yamuna overhears their conversation and says that once Ahilya made fun of her and now the game is in her hands and now can she take revenge on her. She goes to Gautama, where she sees Gautama saying Harku Bai not to tell anything as it is about Khanderao’s life and safety and as she is the mother so she won’t take a single chance of risk for son’s life. Everyone there goes to Ahilya where Ahilya gets scolded by Gautama for having the food because she does not know that Ahilya has denied eating anything. Gautama starts screaming at her, Yamuna smiles seeing that as she wanted this to happen.

Gautama scolds her saying that she is so selfish and she should think before eating anything. Ahilya says her to listen first, but she continues to scold her, she says “don’t you think that it is an important day for everyone and your husband as well. You could not keep a lent for your husband’s life”. She says “don’t you think about Khanderao”? Meanwhile, Khanderao comes there and says that he brought food for her and has made a request to have the food, Gautama stops him saying you should stay away from this because women have to do these customs. Harku stops Gautama saying that she should listen to what kids want to say.

Gautama gets angry saying that she disappointed her, Ahilya cries. Khanderao stops his mom and asks Ahilya that he brought the food plate but it is as he left loaded with food and sweets. He asks her why did not eat anything? Ahilya replies that in spite of having food around her brought by her husband she didn’t take a single bite of anything because she is keeping a fast for her husband. Gautama regrets and asks Ahilya why did she not tell her. Ahilya replies that she wanted to say but as Gautama was angry so she had to keep silent. Gautama leaves in regret. The episode ends here come back again to read more latest episode updates.


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