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Watch Rain Basera Part 2 ULLU Web Series All Episodes Review Actress Real Name Images


Here we are going to share some interesting news with you. This is good news for Rain Basera Part 2 series fans. So all you know is the upcoming part is coming off this series Rain Basera. People are very excited to know more information about part 2 of Rainn Basera. This is heart touching story. This is famous for its emotional scenes. This story is between a girl and a boy. In this series, we can watch how a girl believes his boyfriend. If he accepts her sorry or not? Scroll for more details.

Rain Basera Part 2 ULLU Web Series

This series is based on love. There was an innocent girl who fall in love with a boy. According to part 2 of Rin Basera, At the previous night, the girl met with her boyfriend and said sorry to him. He demands her for accepting her sorry. She accepts his boyfriend’s condition. She was walking on the road when two boys asked her if she keeps two boys in her life so why was she teaching a lesson on innocence? She replied to them, he sleeps with both why they are anxious about it? They do this only to fulfill their sexual desire.

Rain Basera Part 2 ULLU Web Series

She said his husband can bet on her or also gamble on her. In this series, her husband says the same thing. When he says the same thing he holds her neck. She was crying in front of his husband. The trailer will be ended here. In this series, you will be shown two sides of one woman. On the first side, you will see a girl with a sexy look. On the other hand, you will see the same girl who was used or sold. What will she do? Is her boyfriend really different? This is the main suspense for you.

According to the information, This series is realized on 14th April 2023, Friday. People like their first episode very much. You can go and watch this amazing series now. It is easily available on the Internet. The trailer was released on YouTube. Currently, it is trading on social media sites. After watching the trailer Rain Basera Part 2 people are more curious about the series. This series will come with amazing and interesting stories. So don’t forget to watch this series. Go and watch this series on the Ullu platform. Here we have shared all the information which we have to stay tuned with us.


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