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Watch Sasural Simar Ka 2 Episode 26th Nov 2021 Written Update Will Aarav forget Simar


Well, Sasural Simar Ka 2 is becoming more interesting with its daily episodes and as you all know that Samar has also entered the house and perhaps he wants Simar now but saying this just can’t be bad that the love of Simar for Aarav can’t be replaced at any cost but everyone is trying to get Simar’s love out that she has badly and purely for Aarav. On the other side, Reema is also trying her best to reveal the truth of Simar that she meets with Aarav even after being separated.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th Nov

The latest episode begins with, Aarav and Vivaan talking where Aarav tells him that he does not need any doctor to get his check-up done and says Vivaan to leave. He says that he just needs to say sorry to Simar for the deeds he has done in the past. He then says that he knows that Simar won’t see back at him and he hurt her very much. Meanwhile, the doctor asks Vivaan that since how many days didn’t sleep. Aarav asks Vivaan to pick his phone and call her as he wants to talk to her and hear her voice for a second. Sandhya there gets teary eyes seeing her son in pain and says the doctor to give him injection. The doctor gives him the injection, he gets angry at the doctor and grabs his collar.

Sandhya says sorry to the doctor and says that Aarav is not in the senses now and please forgive him. Meanwhile, Badi Maa comes there and seeing her coming to him, Aarav says that he is a very bad person and he hurt everyone in his life, he then says sorry to Badi Maa saying he never wanted to hurt anyone and suddenly he falls on the bed as he got shot of injection and while falling down he says that he never wanted to hurt his Badi Maa and asks her if she is angry at him, Badi Maa there replies no.., saying that her Aarav just can’t be wrong and he is not selfish than how did he hurt anyone.

The next morning and after a lot of heavy drama Sandhya comes to Aarav’s room and asks him if he is fine, he nods, Sandhya then says him to make a promise that he will not meet Simar again because now she is hurting him and she does not want her son to behave this strange. The episode ends here to stay connected to read upcoming episodes.


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