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Watch Today’s Bawara Dil: Sidhi Is Separating From Shiva 18th June 2021 Written Episode


In the latest episode of Bawara Dil, we will watch that Sidhi is sobbing in her room and Shiva comes. He says that you should have told me if anything was wrong. He further asks why did you create a nuisance in front of Soni and Yashwanth. Shiva says you could even scold me in this room even could kill me. But why you did all this. Sidhi says her family got humiliated in front of the entire village just because of you. Sidhi blames that it was none other than you who kidnapped me before my marriage, my lover got fled. Sidhi says that she won’t forgive him at any cost.

Bawara Dil 18-6-2021

Sidhi says that you are taking things as a task. Shiva says that he is doing everything just because of Akka Bai. She is the only godfather for him. Sidhi says now you have revealed your reality in front of her. Shiva yells yes and says that he married her just because of Akka Bai’s order. Shiva says my only fault is that I married you forcefully. He further says except this if I compelled you for another thing. If I torcher you take advantage of you of living in the same room.

Sidhi says but humiliated my family, just because of you my father committed suicide. She says I can bear any pain but won’t tolerate it if anything happens with my family. Shiva says you want to know my reality, I will show you my reality. Sidhi says but you won’t see my face again, Sidhi says you want to take divorce from me after 6 months. I am going to send you the divorce paper within 2 days. Shiva is aghast hearing that. Sidhi goes and started packing her stuff. Meanwhile, Vijiya comes there and informs Sidhi something about her mother.

Malini is waiting for Sidhi, Sidhi sees her mother and goes to her. Malini is about to say something, but Sidhi hugs her tightly and starts crying. Sidhi asks what happened to his father. Shiva takes Malini and Sidhi to the hospital. Sidhi’s brother informs them that Ishwar has been admitted to the ICU. Just the doctor comes there and informs that it was a cardiac arrest. Shiva asks the doctor to do it best and he will take care of the expense. Sidhi asks if she can meet Ishwar right now, the doctor denies it.


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