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Watch Today’s Molkki Written Update 30th July 2021 Episode: Virender Wins The Election


In the latest episode of Chaudhary’s men try to barge into a room, Veer asks Purvi to escape from here. Purvi asks Veer that she won’t leave Aaarav behind. Aarav asks why are you trying to do it, Purvi replies that we are here to save you. He says that you can’t control his father, he further says that he can even kill us all. Aarav further says that it is quite impossible to escape from here. Purvi says we can manage somehow, but Aarav keeps behave like a hopeless person. Just then Veer hit a stick on Aarav’s head and he fainted and they all manage to escape from there in Veer’s car.


Nandini asks Purvi about Aarav’s condition and Purvi replies he is fine. Nandini embraces Purvi, Virender’s consoles Nandini. Virender says that we will make Chaudhary taste his own medicine. Virender again praises Purvi by saying her queen of Jhansi, he further says that you again save his family. Purvi replies that she also belongs to the same family, Nandini backs Purvi and says this family is united and hugs Virender. Virender then tries to calm the atmosphere and says Nandini you have missed how Purvi thrashed those guys. They all appreciate each other and hug each other.

Virender along with Nandini come to Chaudhary’s office and he wonders what is going on. Virender confronts him and throws ink on his face. Chaudhary yells if he is out of his mind. Virender assures that he will compete in the election and will emerge as the victor. Everyone gathers for the election result and Virender is declared as the winner. A wave of happiness feels in the entire atmosphere. Virender received an all-new Turban as the chief of the village. Veer, Nandini, and Purvi get ecstatic.

Veer is playing along with the kids, Sudha, and Priyu. Veer falls down while playing. Sudha rushes to him and cares for his wound. Priyu goes to bring some medicine, but Purvi stops her and says it will be fine as it is just a small wound. Purvi thinks it looks like Sudha is concerned for Veer. Virender goes to Purvi and says that he wants to thank her wholeheartedly. He never imagined that things get settle down with his kids, but you make that possible. Tune in to Colors and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Molkki Written Update.


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