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Watch: Today’s Sanjog 26th August 2022 Written Episode & Update


In the recent episode of Sanjog, we watched Rajini who got an IVF report related to Amrita calls the hospital and booked an appointment with the doctor. Lakshita there comes to meet Amrita and asks her to go to an orphanage along with her. Lakshita then noticed her nightie and asks Amrita how she got this, Amrita replies that Rajeev bought this night dress for her. Lakshita gets shocked hearing Amrita’s words. Gopal and Gauri there are getting prepared for somewhere. Gauri again says that she needs a place like that farmhouse. Get more information on Sanjog Written 26th August 2022 Update.

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As we informed that Gauri says that she wants a place like that farmhouse and Gopal replies to control her mind. Just then they both entered a bus and hijacked it. Gauri is carrying a dagger with her and asks bus passengers to surrender her belongings. She makes them scared with the dagger. Amrita and Lakshita are at the orphanage, Amrita gets mixed up with kids. While playing along with kids she noticed a kid is running behind a cat she stunned to see him. The kid jumps but Amrita saves her from getting hurt.

Gopal and Gauri are robbing the bus when they noticed that the police arrived there. Gauri asks Gopal to don’t worry, Amrita’s brother is in the police vehicle and they stop the bus. The owner of the orphanage appreciates Amrita for her efforts. The owner of the orphanage says that the people left their children here as they are afraid to handle the responsibilities. Amrita replies that they at least bear a child so they are luckier than her. The owner suggests her adopting a baby, Amrita says she never thinks about adopting a baby. Lakshita and Amrita return home.

Lakshita comes to Rajeev and asks about him and asks if she gave her nightie to Amrita. Rajeev replies that she found it assumed things on her own. Rajeev then says that he loves her but he needs some time. Lakshita further asks when she will become a mother and when will you leave her.

She informed Rajeev that Amrita is thinking about adopting a baby but Rajeev says that she can’t do that. Lakshita asks if you are fooling both of us, if Amrita becomes a mother then my dreams will break. Tune in to Zee TV and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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