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Watch Today’s Sanjog 29th August 2022 Written Episode & Update


In the latest episode of Sanjog, we watched that Rajeev is creating a nuisance at home by saying that he doesn’t love Amrita anymore and he now wants freedom from the burden of this relationship. Everyone standing there is quite shocked. Amrita there is extremely stunned and she says that they can correct things together. Rajeev finalized that he is going to divorce Amrita and will move on with his life. Everyone is shocked to see Rajeev’s cruel behaviour. Amrita requests Rajeev not give her such kind of harsh punishment but Rajeev says he isn’t giving any kind of punishment he just wants to get rid of all this. Get more information on Sanjog’s 30th August 2022 written episode.

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Amrita is continuously pleading with Rajeev to forgive her if she has done something wrong with him or anything to this house but Rajeev isn’t ready to listen to her. Just then Alok comes there and asks Rajeev what happened to him suddenly why did he change that much. Lakshita sees what is happening there. Just then Amrita lost consciousness and fell to the ground. Alok and Rajeev rushed to Amrita and took her to the hospital.

Gopal and Gauri there are trying to escape from the bunch of goons running after them. While they are running, Gauri lost her senses and faints but Gopal manages to hide her behind the bush until goons run past them. Gopal took Gauri to the clinic and asks the doctor to check her. Amrita there is also receiving treatment in the hospital when Amrita’s brother Alok warns Rajeev that if anything happens to his sister he will be the worst he has ever faced in his life. Maa Sa and Rajini also come there and asked both of them to behave in a public place.

While in the clinic doctor is examining Gauri and asks if she ate anything but this makes Gopal furious and says she is my queen and she has to be alright. He requested Gauri to open her eyes for once. He again yells at the doctor to bring her to life.

The doctor asks Gopal to control his emotions and let him examine her. Alok there started criticizing Maa Sa and her entire family and says if anything happen to his sister he won’t spare any of them. Tune in to Zee Tv and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.


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