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Watch Today’s Udaariyaan 10th Dec 2022 Written Episode & Update Ekam Finds Malika


Hello, all the daily soap enthusiasts, finally your favorite and highly dramatic TV show “Udaariyaan” is all set to make you feel over the top as the Saturday, 10th December 2022 episode is bringing the high voltage drama along with some unexpected activities. As finally, Jasmine’s plan is getting succeeded as she created a huge misunderstanding among everyone in the Advait family while putting all the blame for Malika’s disappearance at Nehmat while sending a few photos on Shamsher’s phone while stamping something suspicious. Because somewhere she is clearing the path of her daughter Naaz as she wants her to marry Advait.

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Meanwhile, Jasmine says that everything is going on the same as she decided and Shailey is the major twist between all these, as she is delivering everything to her and thus she is taking the further step while keeping her attention on such stuff. This is the reason, she cleverly executed the conspiracy against her, and the way she overturned the circumstances seemed quite mind-boggling as no one had even imagined that she will do something. Hence, Shailey says that Jasmine is four steps ahead of the witch as she knows everything where to show an ace of space.

At the same time, Shailey also gets a bit heat of the circumstances as she scolds Nehmat that if she saw Malika while rushing from her room, so she should have told her family so that, they can catch her but unfortunately she did not say anything and therefore, she is equally responsible for such exploit which Malika made. Even, she passes the derogatory remarks to her by saying that no matter if she is an adult but still has a kiddish mind as she hides something quite critical in spite of knowing the intensity of the activities, but Rupi asks Shailey to shut up for a while.

In the previous episode, the audience watched that Ekam exact had gotten the exact location of Malika and thus, he left the place to find her while assuring his mother to not take tension as he will bring her back for sure no matter what happens. Meanwhile, Malika’s mother throws Nehmat out of her threshold and requests her family to leave the place as she does not want tp see their faces now, and warns Nehmat to not come again at her residence. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us, do follow Social Telecast


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