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Watch Today’s Udaariyaan Written Episode: Fateh Supports Tejo 18th June 2021


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we are going to watch that Jasmin is still throwing tantrums at everyone. She again yells at everyone and says she doesn’t want to live here anymore. Rupy says even in anger but she is saying the right words. While Fateh is sharing his childhood memories with Tejo and also shows her his childhood pictures. Tejo starts laughing seeing Fateh’s childhood pictures. Fateh stops Tejo from seeing his other picture, but Tejo takes the photo and starts running, but while running Tejo falls on the house model. Tejo says our house has been broken. Fateh says that he is concerned for her instead of the house.

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Jasmin is extremely angry she inwardly thinks that Fateh will surely regret what he did with me. Fateh asks Tejo if she is fine, he further says it seems that you got an injury. Tejo says that her ankle is paining. Fateh lifts Tejo in his arms, Fateh brings pain ointment and applies it on her foot and ties the bandage. Tejo falls asleep. Just then Fateh checks his phone and noticed Jasmin’s message on it. Jasmin is leaving from there and says she is going to live a whole new and better life.

Jasmin comes to the bus stop at the same time Fateh also goes there to see her. Fateh sees Jasmin from a distance. Fateh recalling all the moments of the past he spent with Jasmin. Jasmin boards on the bus and Fateh fumes while Bus surpasses his car. Tejo is waiting for Fateh at home, just then Fateh comes and asks if her foot is alright. She nods yes and asks him to have food. While Tejo serving the food, she asks if you went to meet Jasmin. But Fateh denies it, Tejo replies that she doesn’t mind if you tell the truth. Fateh says he didn’t Jasmin and this is the only truth.

Later, all the family members return home, Dadi says bandage on Tejo’s foot and asks what happened to her. Tejo tells that she got hurt. Dadi then tells her about the pilgrimage. Mahi comes and hugs Tejo. Later Fateh tells Mahi about the house model she got from the storeroom. Gurpreet looks on and reprimands Tejo for going into the storeroom. Tejo apologies to them. But Fateh doesn’t like it at all and supports Tejo. The episode ends, stay connected with Social Telecast for Udaariyaan written update.


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