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One of the most engaging streaming site Ullu has got immense fame among the audience in a short time. The OTT platform started getting hype a couple of years back now enlisted among some of the renowned digital platforms. Well, as we all know the pivotal reason behind this enormous fame is its extremely bold content. All the viewers who like to watch adult content have found a thriving platform wherein they can enjoy all sort of show that match their fantasies. The show has delivered back to back arousing shows that glued its viewers to the screen.

toilet love

As of now, the audience is enjoying the alluring performance of one of the sensational actress Mahi Kaur in Rupay 500. Meanwhile, the streaming site announced another episode of the most flourishing franchise Charamsukh. It wouldn’t be wrong if we mentioned that Charamsukh is the prominent reason behind this massive achievement of the streaming site. It released its first show titled mom and daughter, the episode just wreaked havoc on the streaming site. It came out another most thriving episode after Singaardaan.

Toilet Love Ullu Web Series

Later, Charamsukh starts the continuation of delivering successful shows mounted with many steamy sequences. Along with that in each of its episode makers introduced a new face because of that people go bananas. Apart from Mom and Daughter, the web series releases some blockbuster episodes including Jane Anjane Mein, Flat 69, Chawl House, Gaon Ki Garmi, and Salhakaar. All the lead actress featured in the episodes experience a colossal boost in their fanbase. Now again, the forthcoming episode of Charamsukh introducing an all-new sensation face to woo all of the viewers.

The trailer of Toilet Love has been released on 15th June 2021 and impound 322,986 views with 8.9K likes. The 1:24 minutes long trailer focusing a girl hallucination that someone is following her. But later when she goes outside a biker eve-teased her. The same biker later gets the information about the girl from her servant. But later the girls seem to go to a secret place and call her boyfriend to meet her. It would be riveting to see what will happen next.

So, the show is going to be released on 18th June 2021, all the fans who haven’t watched the recent web shows of Ullu, you can enjoy it on the streaming site anytime. We will get back to you with the rest of the information regarding the show soon. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Charamsukh Toilet Love.


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