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Watch Udaariyaan 19th August 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Is Getting Closer To Tejo Again


The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan begins where Fateh reaches the college while fleeing and sees that, the police have already reached there, at the same time Tejo is also pleading with Aman. Let all the children go out because it is not their fault, then there is no need to harm them because his enmity is with Fateh. The same Fateh is not allowed by the police, but he tries to reach by crossing the roof of the college, Tejo is also trying her best to make Aman understand. She says that it will ruin his future properly and all dreams of his mother will be shattered.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Update

Further, Tejo assures him that if he gives his gun to her so she will give a statement for him through which, he will get small-duration punishment. Aman agrees with her but as soon as he is about to give his gun to Tejo, suddenly the police start firing and Aman also fires in his defense. There is so much firing that Tejo gets shot and she faints and falls on the ground, At the same time, everyone hears the sound of bullets, Fateh and his family too and their condition worsens as the blast of the bullet is very loud.

Later, Fateh goes inside and takes Tejo to the hospital where the doctor informs them that she got just fainted due to trauma. So there is no need to worry more about her meanwhile, Fateh goes inside and starts crying while realizing his mistake. Tejo is assuring him that there is no need to cry because she is absolutely fine, but Fateh knows everything that why he did not receive Tejo’s call. Hence, he does not say anything and hugs her while crying because if he would have been received her call so maybe she could have been saved.

After some time Tejo is discharged from the hospital and comes to her home where her family is and stands to welcome her. Everyone is talking to her well and after a while, Jasmine also comes and says that she was very scared when she came to know that Tejo was shot. But Fateh does not look good to see Jasmine there, hence, he brings Tejo into her room and says that he is a very bad husband. Meanwhile, Fateh says that he will never make such a mistake again and starts crying again. So watch it on Colors at 07:00 PM and for more details connect with us. 



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